How to start selling on amazon store

Surely one of the first questions that will arise before starting an online business, or an online store is: what can I sell? Where can I sell? And how do I sell online?
In the digital world there are numerous options for you to sell products and/or services, but if you don't want to complicate your life too much and opt for a simple solution, the best option is to sell products on Amazon .
If you plan to start your own business, the most suitable thing is to start with a virtual store since the investment cost is relatively minimal.

Like any store, the first thing you should create is the brand and logo that you will use to identify and consolidate it. In this case, you can use a service to design the logo and make this task easier for you.

Remember that to sell online you do not need to have department stores for the products or even have the physical merchandise. For this you can use the Dropshipping business model , which will allow you to offer and sell a wide variety of products in a fairly easy way.

How to start selling on amazon:

Although complex logistics are deployed behind the Amazon sales process, you, as a seller, only have to worry about publishing your products, answering the questions that potential customers send you, and if any major inconvenience arises, keeping in touch with Amazon support.

In short, you only have to worry about keeping your account profile updated.

Before I tell you the steps you must take to start selling on Amazon, you should take into account that Amazon charges a commission for each sale you make. Currently for individual and free accounts, the company charges $0.99 + a variable rate per sale.

Steps to register as a seller on Amazon:

1. The first essential step is to open your Amazon account session. If you don't have one, register, it's very simple!
2. Then you should look for the option "start a seller account".
3. A page will open where you will be prompted to open a professional account, below you will find the option: “Do you only have some items to sell? Sign up as an individual seller.” Click on said link.
4. Finally, on the next page, you will be asked for a series of personal and seller data. Don't worry, the process is quite simple, fast and above all "very friendly".

Once you are registered and before continuing with the process to start offering products on Amazon, it is best to finish setting up your profile in the seller account.
Using the Amazon Seller Central platform

start selling on amazon
As a seller on Amazon you will have the Amazon Seller Central platform , through which you can manage everything related to your sales. This platform includes many interesting tools such as:

Quick start:

In this option you will find several tutorials and guides on how to use this platform. In this option you will be able to know things like:
  • Set up your seller account information,
  • Payment methods and taxes,
  • The rates charged for package shipments and,
  • How to manage your orders, among others.

Selling plans, rates and payments:

Through this option you will be able to know the different payment plans that you can offer, as well as the rate that you must apply to each product

You will also be able to track payments and transactions, and find out how Amazon disburses the money obtained from your online sales to your seller account.

Add products:

As its name indicates, through this option you will be able to upload and publish the products that you are going to sell. You will also be able to manage your virtual inventory and create the pages of the products that you are going to put on sale.

Sponsored Products:

Here you will find a guide and options to create and manage your product listings (update prices from one source website to several destination websites). In addition, you can also create campaigns for your sponsored products.

Detail Pages:

This option will allow you to create a page where you can provide details about your products and thus enhance the possibility of increasing sales and visits.

In this section, you will also be able to obtain information on how to obtain the Buy Box (the purchase box that Amazon places on the right of the main page of a product which contains the "add to cart" button).

Pricing Automation:

As its name indicates, you will be able to manage everything related to the creation and modification of product prices in an automated way.

What you should know when selling products on Amazon

start selling on amazon
Many sellers who have already sold on other platforms tend to believe that the rules and policies are the same on all online sales platforms, including Amazon.

Due to this overconfidence, they do not pay due attention to the policies that Amazon applies to sellers. Then, eventually breaking one of the policies, often comes the " I didn't know that... " messages.

So to save yourself those awkward moments, and not affect your business online , learn about some of the most relevant policies that Amazon applies to sellers:
  • Only one account per seller is allowed. It is prohibited to have multiple seller accounts.
  • The return system must have at least the advantages that Amazon offers to customers
  • You must have a logo for the seller account. This logo must measure exactly 120 x 30 pixels.
  • You must indicate the shipping rates that apply to your products
  • Titles must begin with the product brand and not the seller's name.

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