How to monetize Facebook: requirements and 13 ways to earn money

Have you ever wondered how you can make money with Facebook? Although it is a social network designed primarily for social interaction, it also offers various forms of monetization for individuals and businesses. It is one of the best social networks to earn money , since it offers different types of monetization for content creators with small, medium and large audiences.

Next, we explain the requirements and what you need to know to monetize your audience.

Requirements to monetize Facebook

To monetize Facebook videos and content, you must meet certain basic requirements that allow you to access the different monetization options offered by the platform.
  • Create a Facebook Page : You must have a Facebook Page with at least 10,000 followers and 30,000 video views in the last 60 days to be eligible for video monetization.
  • Comply with monetization policies : Facebook has monetization policies that you must adhere to. You must ensure that your content does not infringe copyrights , does not contain violent, sexual or hateful content, nor does it contain misleading or fraudulent content.
  • Choosing a monetization option : Facebook offers different monetization options , such as video ads, subscriptions, fan subscriptions, Instant Articles, and more. You must choose the monetization option that best suits your content and your audience.
  • Identity Verification : You have to verify your identity in order to monetize on Facebook. To do this, you must provide your personal data and identification documents, such as your passport or driver's license.
  • Payment method settings : To receive payments for monetization on Facebook, you must set up your payment methods . Facebook allows you to receive your payments through different methods, such as PayPal, bank transfer, checks , among others.
It is important that you regularly review the policies and requirements of the platform to ensure that you comply with all of them. If you meet these requirements, you can start generating income through the monetization of your videos on Facebook.

How to monetize Facebook and earn money

We recently talked about how to earn money on Facebook , but this time we focus more on how you can take advantage of your profile, group, page and community that you have on Facebook:

1. Create and sell digital products

Creating and selling digital products on Facebook is a great way to monetize your skills and knowledge . To begin with, you must define what type of digital product you want to generate, such as an ebook, an online course or a mobile application. You can then promote your product on Facebook using tools like organic posts, paid ads, and Facebook groups.

It is important that you make a high-quality product that provides real value to your customers, which will increase the chances of success in your sale. Also, be sure to comply with Facebook's policies to avoid potential penalties.

2. Facebook Marketplace to sell physical products

Facebook Marketplace is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell physical products in their local area. To start using Facebook, you can publish your products in the Marketplace section using a detailed description and high-quality photos. You can also use tags to categorize your products and make them easier for shoppers to find.

Once you've published your products on Facebook Marketplace, interested buyers can contact you through the platform. It is important to quickly respond to buyer questions and inquiries and agree on transaction details such as price, payment method, and delivery. Additionally, Facebook does not charge selling fees for using the Marketplace , making it an attractive option for sellers who want to avoid commissions.

3. Monetize Facebook through ads and sponsored posts

Facebook offers different advertising options , such as ads and sponsored posts, that allow you to reach a targeted audience and promote third-party products and services. Also, you can use the Facebook advertising tool to create attractive ads and segment them to reach your target audience.

In addition to ads, you can also earn income from sponsored posts on your Facebook page. This involves working with brands to promote their products and services on your page.

4. Create and sell courses through Facebook

To get started, you need to define what topic or skill you want to teach and come up with a detailed teaching plan. You can then make use of online course creation tools to produce the content, such as online learning platforms or video hosting services.

Once you've done the course, you'll have the opportunity to promote it on Facebook using different tools like organic posts, paid ads , and Facebook groups. Plus, you have the Facebook direct selling option on hand to allow customers to purchase your courses directly on your page, or you can direct customers to your website to make the purchase.

5. Facebook Live to generate income from donations

To generate income from online donations during your live streams , you can use third-party tools like Patreon or Ko-fi to allow viewers to make donations during your stream. Back in the day, we already mentioned that you can earn money on Patreon very easily if you combine the different social networks to send you a user.

Offer special rewards for those who donate, such as access to exclusive content or a special mention during the broadcast.

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience and generate income from online donations during your live performances.

6. Sell tickets for events online or in person

With the Facebook ticketing option, you can host an event and sell tickets directly through the platform, which can simplify the ticketing process and reach a broader audience. Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of Facebook event promotion tools like targeted advertising to reach a specific audience and make sure your events are packed.

Another advantage of using Facebook ticketing is the security it offers your customers. By buying tickets through Facebook, customers can be sure they are buying legitimate tickets and avoiding online scams. Making Facebook ticketing an excellent option to simplify the ticketing process , promote your events and ensure the safety of your customers.

7. Create and sell Facebook group memberships

To create a Facebook membership, you must have a Facebook page or group and a sufficient audience that is willing to pay for exclusive content. Then, you can generate different membership levels with various prices and benefits for members such as exclusive content, promotions and discounts, among others.

Once you have established the membership levels, you can promote your memberships through the Facebook page, the group or through advertising on Facebook, also, one advantage of the best advantages of selling memberships is that the platform has a payment process secure and easy to use for members.

8. Facebook Gaming to generate income through advertising, subscriptions and donations

If you are immersed in the Gaming world, you will be interested to know that Facebook Gaming, also known as LevelUp, is an unbeatable way to generate income through advertising, subscriptions and donations. This is a platform dedicated to video games and streamers, where you can live stream your favorite games and build an audience, in addition, the platform allows you to earn money through various methods such as:
  • Advertising shown to viewers during broadcasts.
  • Viewer donations during streams Facebook Gaming allows viewers to send money directly to the streamer through tools like Stars and Super Chat. There is also the third party resource like Patreon or Ko – fi to receive donations.

9. Create and sell ebooks through Facebook

Once you have an audience on Facebook, you can use tools like Shopify or PayPal to create an online store and sell your eBooks directly to your followers. And you can take advantage of paid ads on Facebook to promote your books to a wider audience and increase sales.

10. Facebook Ads to offer digital marketing services

With Facebook Ads , you can reach a broad and specific audience of businesses that might be interested in your services. To get started, you need to have a Facebook Ads account and create an ad campaign that showcases your services and offers to businesses.

In addition, you will also have the ability to target your ad campaign to a specific business audience based on factors such as geographic location, industry, and company size. In addition, you will have the opportunity to use the remarketing function of Facebook Ads to reach people who have visited your website at some point.

11. Sell Affiliate Products Through Facebook Affiliate Links

This can be an effective strategy for earning income through affiliate marketing. By joining an affiliate program, you can promote products through unique links and earn commission for each sale generated through your affiliate links on Facebook.

However, it is important to follow Facebook's policies to avoid any possible account suspension and focus on providing valuable content for your audience, thus increasing the chances of success in your affiliate sales.

12. Sell private label products in a Facebook shop

Selling your own brand products through a Facebook shop can be a very profitable business strategy. By creating a shop on Facebook, you will be able to reach a broader audience that is interested in your products.

Additionally, a Facebook Shop allows you to display your products, prices, and descriptions in an easy and accessible way to your customers, which can increase customer trust and consequently sales. Also, keep in mind that in order to maximize sales, it is important to keep the store updated and offer a safe and comfortable online shopping experience for customers.

13. Use your audience to make money in any way

If you have an audience you can take advantage of it in hundreds of different ways . In the event that you are an expert in a sector, you can try to sell your services, creations, products, etc.

You must think about what your audience is interested in and how you can satisfy the needs of the users who follow you, without losing their attention and interest.

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