How to make money with Teespring without investing a penny

Are you looking for a way to earn money online without investing a penny? Well, let me introduce you to one of the best ways I've found to do it. I'm talking about Teespring, a platform that asks for nothing more than putting your creativity and design talent to work. Have you ever thought about creating an online store where you can sell all kinds of products made by you? Placing your drawings, photos and other types of talents on a shirt, cap or any other type of article can be something very cool and can generate good income if you know how to distribute to make money with teespring

What is Teespring and how does it work?

Teespring is an electronic commerce platform where you can design all kinds of items and then sell them at no cost, the platform is designed so that you can earn money only with your creativity and your designer talents.

The process is very easy, you create the design of the t-shirt, mug or anything to your liking, and then put it on sale at the price you choose, the platform takes care of the creation, marketing and customer service, although It is always recommended that you do your own advertising so that you have a better chance of selling, publish your designs on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp groups, the more places the better.

To increase your sales from the platform, you can also work with the boosted network, which is a very significant boost for our products to reach more people. We will talk more about the subject later.
how teespring works

In summary, this platform works as follows. It allows anyone to create their own designs on the items they like the most, this at no cost , once the person creates the desired design the platform puts it up for sale, this without making any real impression, if the item is striking and get people to buy it Teespring gets to work creating the product and shipping it to that person without any hassle and at no cost to you.

important points

  • Allows you to publish your articles on other platforms
  • You can only use images without copyright or your property
  • You don't need to invest money

How to start earning money with Teespring

Registering is very easy, all you need is an email and from there the whole process is the same as the standard registration of all platforms, Teespring has many types of articles to choose from and start making designs with them, it all depends on your creativity , remember that everything must be free of copyright.

Another important thing to mention is that the same platform provides you with tools so that you can make your best-known designs, use them and generate effective strategies to get a lot of profit.

How to create an attractive design in teespring

Although it is true that there is no exact formula for designing, nor is it good to think only inside the box, there are strategies and things from which you can be inspired and start creating winning designs.

The first thing is to be clear about where we are getting into, this is a market where we must create striking things that can connect with people in some way, that is why it will always be important to know the people we want to sell to, now I will talk about some important points that you should keep in mind when creating your design.

1- Who is your design for?

This is one of the most important points, because although it is fun to make designs without a plan and just letting yourself go is not something that works very well when it comes to selling, with this I am not saying that you should stop doing a design made by means of improvisation can be just as good or better than any other that takes a little more planning, the thing is that people are guided more by their tastes and hobbies so creating a design for cat lovers or gamers can be more Effective than creating an improvised design that is not directed at any specific audience.

So the first tip is to choose a niche and create your designs focused on that niche, remember that you can also create many stores with many different niches so it is not that you have to focus on exactly one.

2- Keep up to date with what is in fashion and learn

Knowing what is in fashion will help us create campaigns that are more adapted to today and what people are looking for, so do not forget to be aware of all the trends of the moment, you can also learn from your competitors or designers already famous seeing the kind of things they create, look for tutorials on youtube, inspiration in images, books and everything that surrounds you, the mind of a creator is always looking for ideas and things that contribute to their creation process.

3- Look for a professional

If you really feel that design is not your thing, you can always look for a professional to make the design you need, because if you have a good design together with a good distribution strategy, that expense will become minimal, it is worth seeing all the options. and choose the one that best suits us.

Teespring Boosted Network How it works

Boosted Network is a tool that allows you to publish your products on many platforms such as amazon, ebay and a few more pages that are dedicated to selling products, I know that just by saying that you already understand the great value of this tool, imagine how many people They will not be able to see your product if they are on sales pages as large as amazon or ebay.

And this is still free of charge , the only thing you need to start using this tool is a good design and to see a sale made, they will also ask you to order a test shirt, this to see that your design is of quality and that it does not have printing errors or anything else that could damage the quality of the product, once it has been verified that your product has good quality and everything is in perfect condition , you can publish the article on the different platforms that boosted network offers you.

advantages of using Boosted Network
  • Your product will be on many well-known platforms, greatly increasing the possibility of sale
  • Every product you upload will be protected by Teespring which prevents copying
  • The use of the tool is completely free

How much can I earn with Teespring? payment methods

The profits you get with Teespring will always be linked to the number of sales you get and the price of each of your products, for example if you sell your items for $22.99 you will get a profit of $9.82 or if you go to the minimum and put your article will cost $10 your profit per article will be around $0.82 cents, it all depends on your strategy and how you interact with your audience, all your payments will be made through paypal.

If you are interested in trying this great way to earn money, you can enter the following link, remember that this way of earning money online is completely free, you do not need to invest a penny, it is all about knowing how to distribute and learn a little about design and what that people are looking for.

Sign up for Teespring


At Teespring we can start selling our products for free, we just have to create a design that attracts people, and every time we make a sale we will be making money, the creation and shipping of the product is on Teespring's behalf, we just have to create the design and if we want better results, promote it, the platform also allows you to sell the product in other stores, to know a little more about this, just read the article where I explain it to you, payments are made through paypal and the percentage The profit will vary according to the price at which you want to sell your product, there is a wide variety of products that you can create, from t-shirts to mugs.

  • Earn money without investing
  • Allows you to publish your articles on other platforms
  • It has a wide variety of items that you can design
  • You can try it and even if you don't manage to sell you don't lose anything
  • You have to have creativity to design
  • You must make a sale to use boosted network
  • You can only use images without copyright or your property

Frequent questions

What kind of items can I sell on Teespring ?

The variety of items that can be designed and sold to our liking is very large, from the well-known shirts, sweatshirts to mugs, face masks, stickers, cell phone cases, etc. the variety only increases with the passing of the years.

how much does teespring charge for shipping?

This changes depending on the place to which the purchased item will be sent. If you want more information and find out how much a shipment costs to your location, you can enter the following link

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