How to make money on Pinterest: 11 different ways

The popular platform can be much more than a site to share attractive pins, becoming an excellent source of income and a means to promote other projects. Thanks to an audience of more than 400 million people and a consumption of up to a billion pins every day, it is fertile ground for capturing traffic, building an audience or attracting customers.
So, would you be interested in knowing how to make money on Pinterest ? Well then, get ready to take note, because below we are going to show you 11 different ways with which you can start generating income through this platform.

How can you make money with Pinterest?

Earning money with different social networks has become one of the best ways to earn a living. In this case, if you are a blogger, an influencer or have some type of business or online trade, you can get a lot out of this social network.

Before moving on to the how, you should know some important aspects of the platform. The first of them is that it is not a site in which to publish long content . Images and videos are published here, posted on boards and organized according to different interests or categories:
  • Fashion
  • Trips
  • Meal
  • Beauty
  • Art
  • Home
  • Sports
  • cars
  • Films
Being you are just some of the most popular. Another aspect to take into account is the approach: you should not see Pinterest as a social network . Instead, think of it more like a search engine , where you'll need to combine attractive pins with SEO strategies to get the audience to find your material. Now yes, let's go as promised.

1. Pinterest Ads

The first of the options is about the advertising itself within this platform to enhance your brand. Of course, you will have to make a small initial investment as in any advertising campaign. This campaign will allow you to choose between different types of advertising pins:
  • advertising pins
  • shopping ads
  • Ads in sequence (like a carousel)
  • Collection Announcements
  • Product Pins
  • Idea Pins
The good news is that the costs per campaign are much lower compared to other platforms or social networks. Additionally, these campaigns are more effective, and have an extraordinary feature. Carousel ads pull posts directly from your catalog, saving you the work of generating the posts and making it easier for your audience to browse the products.

2. Direct purchases on Pinterest

Another way to increase your earnings through Pinterest is to take advantage of the direct purchase tool from the platform . Through their own purchase option, your customers can enjoy a much simpler and more direct experience when interacting with your offer and purchasing products or services from your brand. You can directly sell items or services such as:
  • courses
  • Books
  • Printable or design templates
  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • decorative items
At the moment, in order to make use of this option it is necessary to meet certain requirements. You must use Shopify , have a billing address in the US and only have uploaded feeds linked to said store. Additionally, you must have a good return policy, mail for inquiries, customer service, and comply with the guidelines for merchants that the platform has.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Don't have a product or service to sell? No problem. On this platform you can also resort to the well-known affiliate marketing . This modality allows you to earn money on Pinterest by becoming affiliated or allying with those who do have products to offer.

The dynamic is simple. You affiliate with a brand or service provider of your choice (remember to make sure that it also goes with the preferences of your audience or is a very well-defined and demanded niche), then you publish your pins with affiliate links, users enter and make the purchases of your interest. In return, you will receive a commission for each sale .

Success in this strategy will depend on following certain guidelines:
  • Create thematic, attractive and relevant boards
  • Create descriptions that invite you to use the links
  • Use high-quality images or videos
  • Follow the Pinterest affiliate guidelines to the letter

4. Sell your look

Another quite effective way to generate income and further boost sales , whether it is of your own products, your own store or those of the brands or platforms to which you have affiliated. What is this strategy about? It is quite simple but very effective:
  • Upload pins where you show yourself wearing products , items, accessories or clothing belonging to your store or the affiliated store.
  • Link and tag each specific product shown in the image or video.
  • Preferably use options such as Idea Pins to make them purchasable from the platform.
The idea is to show the audience the products or items that you sell in conditions of real use . It shows how to apply makeup or cream, how to wear an outfit, or how to use a particular item. You can also post photos or videos of, for example, rooms decorated with furniture and accessories to draw public attention to a certain style.

5. Partner with brands

Here you can take advantage of two factors: the reach you have within the platform, and the need for brands to collaborate with influencers to increase the reach of their products. At Pinterest they know this, and have created a tool that allows featured users and brands to partner and collaborate on posts . The operation is as follows:You create Idea Pins from the platform.
You add your paid association tags of the associated brand or brands.
You wait for the label to be approved by the platform.

Once approved, your pin will be published and your audience will begin to generate interactions with your post and the associated brand. Of course, keep in mind that, to be able to opt for this modality, you need a good specialized and well-defined audience. A large audience, but with varied interests or that is not constant with your publications, is of no use.

6. Share boards

From Pinterest they recommend this strategy, which is indicated if you are not an influencer with a great reach. The strategy is simple, and consists of creating boards or pins shared with other brands, in order to increase the reach and projection of the campaign. You should mainly take into account the best times to post on Pinterest , so you will have a greater chance of success.

You can start by creating individual pins, create entire boards, or even create an entire campaign to promote a product or service. The material created will be visible on your page and on that of the associated brand, which exponentially increases the reach of your publications.

The advantages of this method are obvious. Not only will you be paid by the brand to post, usually based on a flat fee. You can also benefit from the reach of the brand and reach a much larger audience, managing to increase your audience in a more effective way.

7. Sponsored Content

The following strategy shares some similarities with the previous two, and is equally about getting paid by big brands in exchange for sharing content. The difference is that here we are talking about a sponsorship, in which you are going to need a fairly large profile that is in a very specific niche.

If you are an administrator of a group board, even better, since the brands will show much more interest in you. The advantage of this method is that the more pins you create and the more interaction you generate, the higher the payment received from the brand.

Once again we must highlight the fact that the number of followers itself does not matter, but their loyalty and the solid nature of the community created.

8. Pinterest Creator Fund

We are now going with a method mainly available to residents of the United States , but with plans to expand to other countries. This is an initiative by the platform to promote content created by and for underrepresented minorities :
  • LGBTQ+ community
  • People of color
  • disabled
And any other minority group that does not have a strong representation within the platform. The program lasts 5 weeks and consists of an intensive workshop on content creation, during which expert advice is received and contact is made with brands interested in collaborating through sponsorships.

Each quarter a new cycle is announced, with a pre-established theme, which can be topics such as fashion, beauty, gastronomy, lifestyle, etc. And what is received in return? A total of $25,000 between cash, advertising credits and equipment .

9. Drive traffic to a blog, store or website

This is the most recommended method for anyone who has a blog, website or electronic store that is well positioned outside the platform. The idea is to use Pinterest to capture the attention of new audiences and drive lots of organic traffic directly to the site or to your product catalog. To do this you must use strategies such as:
  • Maintain an optimized profile
  • Make intensive use of keywords and SEO strategies
  • Validate Rich Pins
  • Create attractive pins and boards
  • Develop effective content creation strategies and posting schedules
  • Integrate other social networks
  • Post pins as you upload or update content on your site
  • Use hashtags properly
  • Stay active in front of your audience
And of course, remember that if sales are your thing, a good sales funnel is necessary to definitely capture potential customers and guarantee success. Additionally, you can combine this method with tools such as: Google Ads, Popunder or Social Bar, to get the most out of the traffic generated in both directions.

10. Take advantage of your knowledge

Do you consider yourself an expert in everything that has to do with the platform and its use? Then you can turn that knowledge into profit through one of these strategies:
  • Administration and maintenance of accounts or profiles
  • Consultancy
  • courses
  • Creation and sale of templates
You can work with clients of all types : small ones that are just starting out, influencers, brands that are just starting out, or already established brands. The way in which you monetize your knowledge will depend on your preferences, your available time and your expectations for the future.

And if yours goes more to design, you have creativity and you get along with tools like Canvas, go for the sale of templates or content creation. Now, if you have a deeper knowledge of the platform's own dynamics, you know all the tricks and you also have marketing knowledge, then do not hesitate to offer consultancies and courses to the public that requires it.

11. Buy shares in the company

If you have some capital, and have experience with the whole issue of the stock market and the financial market, then this option may be viable for you. Buying some shares of the platform can secure you a source of extra income that can give you a little more financial stability. Although it is not among the best companies to invest in the stock market , it is a good choice if you know when to buy.

Of course, in everything that has to do with the stock market, sometimes things are not so predictable, and everything can change from one day to the next. However, Pinterest is a company that is going through a phase of growth and expansion , increasing its reach and relevance day by day, with the incorporation of new users and its consolidation in new countries as a fundamental platform for digital marketing strategies.

This is a good sign, as it indicates that, at least for the foreseeable future, the company will be in good health and its shares will gain in value over time. For this reason, be sure to consider this option.

How much can you earn with Pinterest?

It depends. Pinterest is not among the social networks where more money is earned . There are better options such as Instagram, TikTok, among others. Even so, it is an alternative to take into account to get the most out of your business.

As a guide, we can give you some figures that allow you to get a better idea of ​​how much income you can get. In general, you can earn from 5 to more than 300 dollars a day . Sounds good, but to give you an even clearer idea, we are going to break down the possible profits a bit according to some of the strategies that we have discussed:
  • Affiliate marketing : it will depend on the chosen niche and the mara or company to affiliate. From about $200 to $1,000 or more a month.
  • Sponsored Pins – Pays on average $15-$30 per thousand followers. So, if you have 5 thousand followers, and you post 4 pins, the payment can go from 300 to 600 dollars per month.
  • Sale of own products : profits will depend on the volume of sales you generate.
  • Traffic directed to your sites : they will also depend on the conversion rate of your blog or website, use of tools and traffic generated.
  • Account Management : Around $60 per account, as a base price. If it includes content design, you can add $5 to $10 per pin, depending on the complexity of the pin.

Opinions: Is Pinterest worth it to make money?

From the outset, we must tell you that you are not going to get rich overnight . Pinterest can yield very good dividends and become your main, or one of your main sources of income, but this requires work, patience, constant evolution and of course, and a touch of good luck.

If you have the ability to be constant , prepare yourself, get to know the possibilities of the platform in depth and exploit them according to your preferences and abilities, then it is worth using the platform as a tool to generate income, which we have already seen can be done. be pretty good if we can come up with the right strategy.

Pinterest continues to position itself day after day as a solid platform on which to reach new and broader audiences through a simple but extremely effective format. This, together with its great capacity to generate traffic to external sites or attract traffic from abroad to the platform, make it undoubtedly worth considering this platform as a good alternative to monetize your presence on the internet .

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