How To Make Money In The Metaverse

The fashions in digital trends every day leave us more speechless with the Metaverse. What seemed like a fictional story; now it becomes an increasingly common situation thanks to advances in virtual reality technology.

As if it were the continuation of the movie Avatar, the metaverse will slowly creep into the homes of all Internet users… And we know that almost everyone uses the Internet in some way today.

In this new technology, the user experience is focused on a type of immersive sensation based on multisensory stimulation; to recreate spaces and everyday social situations, functional and never seen before. The application of technological development in simulation of digital replicas on the Internet is the basis of Mark Zuckerberg's Meta project.

However, this technology is not new, it has already been used in previous decades in video games and simulations for military training; only now it has been perfected and applied to social networks, among other functional platforms such as banking, shopping, betting and even educational; all because of the issue of the protocol of social distancing regarding the pandemic.

We have to be clear about something, as we spend more time in virtual activities, companies will have to adapt to that medium so as not to become fossilized. You cannot even imagine what is about to happen in the next seven years in the economic and financial ecosystems.

Just imagine that a virtual Fortnite outfit comes to have unique and non-transferable details and can also be publicly auctioned. More than one user will be killed for getting it; but even better, more than one user is going to pay others who play better than him to get it. So if you take that outfit as a digital asset , it could end up having more value than a pair of Nike or Louis Vuitton shoes.

In the metaverse, the ways to earn money are endless thanks to the scarcity of NFTs and the decentralization of the famous cryptocurrencies. These elements will sustain the basic nature or ecosystem of the metaverse to have a profitable and stable economy , almost even more sustainable than the economy in the real world.

Believe it or not, investments in the metaverse will protect your finances from inflation in fiat money. This is just a window into the economy of the future, and its limitations will depend on technological innovation and, of course, the consensus between the main promoters of the virtual economy known as GAFA (made up of Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon) and the different heads of governments or presidents.

NFTs and blockchain games have taken a leading role in the virtual finances of thousands of Internet users. Now the metaverse's turn has come, since during this month of November 2021 a huge number of projects related to cryptocurrencies and investments in NFTs have adopted the metaverse as a new ecosystem.

You no longer have to move from home to have a profitable business. Thanks to the constant improvements in augmented reality technology, a wide variety of devices have begun to be tested so that this ecosystem can become truly accessible to everyone. Along with the famous virtual reality glasses, other more advanced technologies will be integrated to capture our facial expressions, and other preference details based on neural intuition intelligence, among other things. In this way, our Avatar in the metaverse will be able to recreate us with much more precision.

A great investment opportunity

The metaverse is not a good investment opportunity, it is the best opportunity without a doubt. Due to its great potential and the unlimited number of commercial possibilities that it offers us; it really represents a big change in today's international economy. Now the digitization of the real world has just begun in a globalized way.

This new cosmos allows us to give free rein to our imagination, exploits business, artistic and communicational creativity like never before; so surely, we are going to discover infinite applications and ways of use. Of course, video games and social networks lead the way ; followed by a reform in all educational systems and we will even see the massive integration of online stores and businesses of all kinds.

Now you will ask yourself , in what way will the meta ecosystem benefit cryptocurrencies? Actually, currently there is no more specialized network, nor any more secure and decentralized technology than the blockchain. Therefore, the different metaverses are going to need some reliable digital means of payment for economic life; It is there that cryptocurrencies and NFTs come to play a transcendental role within the structure of this market.

Would you like to be able to present all your accounts in the same link? Would it be very useful to have a universal profile that serves to use all payment methods? What do you think? Well, in the metaverse this will be a reality. Forget about specifying a Google email, a Facebook account or a PayPal account; from one or more devices you will be able to make the transactions you need.

We know that it is not very easy to create and cultivate a community of followers or friends on your social networks; But now, with everyone participating in the same kind of comprehensive platform, it will now be possible to witness a great event or play an online video game, where millions of users participate actively and in real time at the same time.

This new technology represents a superior internet , with many more market possibilities, which will define the financial transformation of our digital lives. It is time to remove all technological prejudices about video games and virtual reality; open your eyes, owning digital assets in the form of art, digital land parcels and other crypto things are the best investments you can make.

Positive aspects

  1. The metaverse will never be concluded, nor will it be restarted; if you build a house and go offline for a couple of days it will still be there. Your digital assets will last for years and cannot be stolen.
  2. The simultaneous and live interaction offers a unique virtual experience for the initiative of new marketing campaigns of all kinds.
  3. The accessibility to the metaverse will allow an important financial flow in a globalized way. This means a guaranteed return on investment within established deadlines fast enough to allow the development of millions of new companies and projects.
  4. The possibility of having a certified virtual identity will help a lot in legal issues at the business level and artistic production. Copyrights will be revalued and the opportunity to undertake will have a positive turn for everyone.
  5. Finally, the governance system instituted by the metaverse is based on a kind of virtual democracy; that is, you will be able to vote for the changes you prefer in the central platform and there will not be a single metaverse, but several.

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