How to earn money on Onlyfans: 6 different ways

If you are one of the people who believes that the only way to get money on Onlyfans is through explicit or erotic content, we already tell you that this is not the case. Since, this platform was born so that a content creator of any category can generate income by providing completely exclusive content to users as long as they pay for the subscription.

It is important to clarify that Onlyfans belongs to the platforms that allow you to monetize audiences such as Ko-fi and Patreon . However, it has been known and reduced to a page that sells adult content. The truth is that today it has artists, photographers, educators, coaches, and many more creators who monetize their content by giving their followers exclusivity. So, if you are a content creator and want to know how to make money on Onlyfans , this article will interest you. Let's get started!

6 ways to make money on Onlyfans

The main way for you to make money as a content creator on Onlyfans is through monthly user subscriptions where they can access the content you post . However, there are other ways in which you can obtain money and we will show you below:

1. Tips

You can easily increase your earnings through the tips sent by your subscribers. To do this, they just have to click on the dollar sign that is located at the bottom of the publications. Now, you have to consider certain points in this form of income:
  • Tips have a minimum amount of money of 5 dollars which can be sent through direct messages.
  • To increase your tips you have to make sure that the content is good and interesting for the public.

2. Referral Program

Another of the alternatives that this platform offers is the commission link through which you can generate 5% of the money that a user invests in another creator . Through this function you can be part of a community of creators and show the link of other creators to your followers, and in this simple way obtain a percentage of sales profits.
3. Affiliation Commissions

Affiliation is a form of monetization that works practically on all social networks. Basically, it is about posting links to products that users can buy. If they finally make the purchase you would take a percentage . There are hundreds of affiliate companies, you just have to find the one that best suits your content and theme.

4. PPV content

The PPV content is based on sharing private messages with content for exclusive use by your followers , with the price that you consider to view it. While, if it is the subscriber who hires you to obtain messages of this type, they will establish an amount for the display of the content, which may include:
  • A particular exercise plan for the subscriber.
  • Custom images.
  • Special recipes.
  • Exclusive use episodes over podcasts.
  • Among others.
The main purpose is to give your subscribers extra value for having access to your profile on the platform . In this way, they can generate important extra income that complements the monthly subscriptions.

5. Promotions

Many of the adult-only content creators on the platform promote their content through offers for a set period of time in order to gain more users . These promotions are usually offers, discounts, free samples that arouse curiosity to see what you share. Of course, in exchange for a much smaller amount and if they like it or are interested, push them to pay your full subscription.

6. Brand partner

The last way you can earn money is to be a direct partner of a brand and promote your videos, photos and posts. As with affiliation, we highly recommend choosing a partner that is akin to your content.

Generally, brands contact content creators directly, but if you are interested in one in particular you can send emails to see if you can collaborate together.

Can you earn money on Onlyfans without uploading photos or videos?

You should keep in mind that Onlyfans is a platform through which content creators get money in exchange for that content for exclusive use that they offer to their followers. This can be photos, videos, audios, live videos, image albums, and even stories .

Likewise, the money they will earn will depend on whether their content is interesting to users, so they can publish only audios or podcasts if they wish . Remember that it is a platform that allows you to share explicit or more permissive content in exchange for paying a subscription. In addition, you must have closer contact with your fans, since they pay to see information that is different from what they show on other digital platforms.

What do you need to start working on Onlyfans?

To start you need to create your Onlyfans account , then you must set the price of the content, and finally you have to promote yourself. To do this, you can attract users through social networks that arouse curiosity or interest in your publications. Here we point out some ways to start earning money on the platform.
  • Social networks : It is advisable to create an account on the platform if you already have a community on another social network. Since, it will help you gain subscribers on Onlyfans and it will be easier to earn money by sharing exclusive content. And you can even use these other platforms to earn money, for example, you can earn money on Instagram , you can also get a salary on Twitch and, of course, the famous TikTok platform with which you can generate money per month .
  • Collaborate with other accounts similar to yours: You may pay for advertising on similar accounts to generate traffic to your profile. In this way, your growth on the platform will increase and with it your income.
  • Have a blog: This is one of the best ideas, since you can share content from the topics that you have in your Onlyfans account. You can give them more details and generate interest so that they subscribe to your profile and look at your posts.

How much profit can you get on Onlyfans?

Even though this platform is available to everyone and allows you to earn money through the internet, it is true that the income you can receive ranges from a few dollars to real fortunes per month. This will depend on the number of subscribers you have on your profile, the price of the subscription and not counting tips in private conversations , it's all a matter of multiplying.

You should keep in mind that Onlyfans is a powerful platform that you can use to monetize your audience through your content. In addition, it is a tool that allows you to be closer to your followers and build a true community.

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