How To Create An NFT. Platforms And Steps Required

Creating an NFT is quite simple and can be done by following a few steps. Currently there are platforms that make the creation work much easier for any artist or entrepreneur to create their own non-fungible tokens .

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is in continuous development and little by little it is giving us more and more surprises in terms of its adoption. The time when these assets were purely a method of speculation is further and further away. Technology is advancing and projects are maturing.
However, the world of NFTs, although very new and also fashionable, still has a long way to go.

If you have reached this article, you have surely heard of these digital assets and are interested in creating your own. Let me tell you that you are in the right place, we are going to analyze everything you need to know to start creating your own NFT and launch it to the market .

What is an NFT?

Before starting to study how to create an NFT, it is convenient to be clear about what the concept consists of. These types of ' tokens ' are different from many other blockchain-based projects. Nor are they cryptocurrencies to use as we normally know them.

What characterizes NFTs are their personal properties. Especially, the fact that it is the representation of a certain collectible, something that is unique and cannot be replicated.

Through the chain of blocks , a public accounting book is established that serves as authentication of the ownership of a certain digital work.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, the best known, each NFT token has its own qualities. Even if it is a series, each token in the series can have its own price.

This does not work that way in encrypted and decentralized digital currencies as we know them, where all Bitcoins have the same value, they are different units that represent the same thing.

What do you need to create an NFT?

Before following the necessary steps to create an NFT, you must create an action plan and prepare a series of basic elements. These are the following:
  • Have a collectible work. That is, music, video, drawings or anything else that you want to back up through the blockchain.
  • A wallet with some Ethereum, to pay the costs of the process.
  • An account on one of the platforms that allow you to easily create NFTs.
With just these three things, the process of creating an NFT for any artist can be started. Next, we will analyze what would be the steps to follow.

Steps to create an NFT

Creating an NFT is currently possible through different platforms. On this occasion, we are going to discuss how the process would be using the OpenSea site, since it is a benchmark in this market.

This platform has several advantages. In addition to being quite intuitive, it does not have additional fees since it is a decentralized market place.

Create an account and collection for our NFT

To do this, you will have to connect a wallet, for example from MetaMask or Coinbase. Then you will have to press the 'create' button in your profile.

In this way, a page will appear where you can upload the digital file that they plan to convert into a collectible token. You will need to enter some information, such as a name and description. Digital files can be uploaded in a multitude of formats.

Customizing an NFT

The next step would be to complete the customization fields offered by the platform itself. As we said, the process is quite intuitive, the most important thing is to be clear about what type of collectible you want to create and how it is going to be traded.

At the moment, in OpenSea it is only possible to create a single file. Therefore, if you want to define a different number of units for your project, you will need to choose another platform.

Mint and share the collectible

Also, you have to choose in which blockchain the NFT in question is going to be minted. Ethereum is normally used and is probably the most recommended. However, you can choose another option if it suits your preferences more for one reason or another.

Once the project is coined, it will appear on your profile within the platform. Since blockchain data can be viewed publicly by anyone, you will be able to view all available data regarding the buying and selling of the NFTs you have created at any time. In this way you can check its status, its owner and its price variations at any time.

Sell ​​the NFT

After creating the NFT and following the customization steps that OpenSea offers, it will be necessary to carry out a strategy to be able to sell it.

To do this, you have to create an audience or community. As always, the 'influencers' and famous people on social networks have a very good base to be able to sell this type of asset.

Marketing is very important to have a successful project. It is not surprising that many well-known people are venturing to create their own NFTs, since they can generate great benefits.

NFTs can be sold in three different ways:
  • Through a fixed price. Which allows users to buy and sell it immediately.
  • Through an unlimited time auction. In which people will make their offers and it will only be sold when the seller accepts one.
  • With a fixed time auction. In which users can bid during the duration of the same.
In order to sell an NFT, it is necessary that it arouses the interest of people and that you are able to attract the attention of users.

The platform will charge us a small fee for each sale. In addition, it is possible to establish what is the percentage of rights that the creator retains in the event of a resale .

With these simple steps, we will have already completed the creation of an NFT through a decentralized platform that offers us everything we need with hardly any costs.

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