How much YouTube pays for views and visits

Currently, YouTube is one of the most visited streaming sites in the world, ranking second after Google. So, without the content creators, it would not be able to position itself in this way, also, thanks to the publicity it generates, any user who uploads videos can get money.

But how much does YouTube pay for views? It is one of the most frequently asked questions among creators who want to get involved in this platform. You should know that this will depend on various factors such as the type of audience, the language, the number of subscribers, among others . Therefore, in today's article we will show you how much you can earn on YouTube for your videos according to the number of views. Let's get started!

What is taken into account when calculating revenue from views on YouTube?

If you want to be a Youtuber you must take into account some factors to calculate the income from views . Among which stand out:
  • Presence of the creator in the partner program: To start monetizing content on YouTube, especially in Google AdSense, it is required that you have been accepted into the partner program of said platform, complying with the required standards. Currently it is necessary to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours in views.
  • Number of subscribers: The channels that have higher numbers of subscribers will generate a higher average number of views on each video, consequently, the income will rise.
  • Country of origin and language of the channel: It is worth mentioning that English-language channels have higher views, therefore, monetization will be higher. Likewise, the commission that the platform pays to the creators will vary according to the country of origin.
  • Content niche: There are certain themes that are more successful and popular on the platform, helping to increase their earning potential the more views they achieve.
  • Audience for which the content is intended: Not all audiences cause the same levels of reach, for example, the interests of advertisers in a profile that adults usually see will be above those who receive videos that are shown for children.
  • Content duration: In those cases where the videos are longer than 10 minutes, you are allowed to add more ads. So, the technique is based on leaving extensive content on YouTube.
  • Percentage that the platform gives to the creators: At this point, the platform gives the creator at least 68% of their earnings, after taxes and other withholdings are deducted.
  • If the creator meets the monetization conditions: How YouTube pays you to create new content within its site. Also, it has the power to demonetize your videos if they violate the regulations and terms imposed in the partner program.
  • Cost per view: This is the point that advertisers and creators are interested in, but the level of income will depend on the type of channel. In this sense, it is preferable to advertise in informative videos where interesting brands or products are shown.

How much do you earn on YouTube for views

As we mentioned before, what you can get as a content creator on YouTube by viewing your videos will depend on different factors such as: The country of origin, the content, language, length of the video, to name a few. However, one of the most interesting data is the CPM (cost per thousand views ) indicated by advertisers.

Now, below we will mention an estimate of the income that you can receive depending on the number of views you achieve.

How much you pay for 1,000 views

It is estimated that the payment you get for every 1,000 views on YouTube is between 2 and 28 euros, or also 2 and 34 dollars . However, this will depend on whether the advertiser is interested in the content you upload to your channel, the CPM will be higher, that is, they will pay you much more.

How much do you pay for 100,000 visits

Getting a video to reach 100,000 views means that the income you generate is significantly higher. However, this can vary depending on the reach of the video and what advertisers decide.

Generally, for this type of views you can generate around 425 to 2,100 euros . While, in countries like the United States, creators earn between $400 and $2,500 .

How much do you pay for 1 million views

Pointing out a fixed relationship between the number of views and the profits obtained is highly variable. But, different media establish as a variable that for every 1,000,000 views you can earn between 1,700 and 4,000 euros , although in certain cases the amount can be increased to 20,000 euros.

But, in a country like the United States, as a content creator this sum will be higher and ranges between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars, even reaching 25,000 or 40,000 dollars in channels of famous YouTubers.

Countries that pay the best for YouTube advertising by CPM

One of the things that you must be clear about when starting to generate content for YouTube is that the site will pay depending on the country where you are. This is because it is not enough to make a channel to get money. The reality is that there are niches, languages, and the best-priced places generated by advertising on the platform , that is, it will depend on the public that consumes them.

Therefore, YouTube will pay you better if the audience to which you direct your videos is in places like Spain or the United States , since it understands that it is a wide territory. Also, language is a determining factor, in this case, the US is the most valued country in terms of advertising, thanks to the fact that English has a worldwide reach. But, it is true that other developed countries generate more income, these are:
  • Canada: Pay around $6-$10 per 1,000 views
  • UK: Pay $3-$8 per 1,000 views
  • Australia: Pays an estimated $3 and $8 per 1,000 views
  • Japan: Reaches a sum of 2 to 6 dollars for every 1,000 views

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