Earn money translating from home: the 22 best websites and how to do it

Translating texts is an art that not many can do, just like the painter who paints pictures or the investor who earns money by investing every month. For a long time, many have been translating professionally or simply to earn extra money to help pay monthly expenses.

If your skills are oriented to the knowledge of the different languages ​​that exist, then this job option is suitable for you. You only have to use your knowledge of languages ​​to facilitate its translation into other languages ​​for people who offer texts and in return they pay you for it, and the best thing is that it is a work from home .

Normally the texts that are most requested to translate are English into Spanish and vice versa, as well as German, Chinese, Italian, among others where the variety is equal to all the languages ​​that exist.

What are the best websites to earn money translating?

It is difficult to opt for only one, our recommendation is to combine websites so that, when there are no more offers of interesting texts, go to another with which to continue translating. Below we have made a list so that you can see what each one stands out for:

1. Gengo

Gengo was created and founded by Japanese in the year 2008. It provides its services to many strong companies such as Alibaba, TripAdvisor, Path and Youtube.

In your Gengo account most of the time you will have work to do , but you decide how many texts to translate. It is not mandatory to do them all.

The payment period varies between 10 and 25 days after the beginning of each month. You can choose your own working hours , as well as choose the number of texts to translate, whether they are many or few, which makes it more comfortable.

Steps to apply for employment on this website:
  • First you must register on their website (for free).
  • You will have to take a test to determine the level of translation you have.
  • After the test, you should wait for the results of it. It's not usually that long.
  • If the results are positive , it means that you already belong to Gengo.
The translations to be carried out are mostly made up of short texts , in addition to dealing with simple topics that do not require so much research. This website offers you many job options, it has vacancies not only in one place but also in several different countries. Everything will depend on the range of translations you have.

Lastly, it also offers resources and the opportunity to interact with other translators through forums or groups within the website in order to broaden your knowledge.

You can see new jobs through the panel and through notifications in your email.

2. Translated

Now we present an agency that, in addition to being virtual, also has an office in Italy. It is one of the oldest , being in operation for 18 years. It has more than 250,000 translators at its disposal and 100,000 clients who request its services .

They do work for Google, IBM, Airbnb, for institutions of the European Union, Expedia , among others.

Like other websites, it offers the service of translating any type of topic. Any subject, area, such as science, technology, medicine, even personal issues. You can register on its website, where according to surveys it is said that it has more than 50% of translators worldwide.
  • Rated one of the best companies to earn money by translating .
  • You can receive your payments at the end of the month , quickly and easily.
  • Hundreds of jobs are assigned to translators every hour.
  • You can decide your own rate per word .
  • Work at home or from anywhere.
  • Offers free training programs and resources .
  • They have constantly updated technology . With powerful tools to facilitate the work.
Start translating by registering here .

3. One Hour Traslation

It is considered one of the largest websites to earn money through the translation of texts. So well known that she works for companies such as the BBC, Fox News, Wall, CNN, Washington Post, among others.

The way to register on this website is very similar to that of Gengo:
  • Enter and register on the website .
  • You take a test.
  • You wait for the test results and they give you a certification.
  • You are already part of your company and you can immediately start working. Depending on your level you can choose more or less large projects.
What we like the most about this company is that making money translating is simple and easy. They offer a MasterCard card in which you can decide to receive payments and spend the money directly anywhere, as if it were your own card.

They have medals and rewards for doing quality work. They take care of the editors and know how to reward those who do a good job and are constant in the company.

They have a very simple and clear website , browsing it is simply exquisite and simple .

4. Unbabel

Unbabel is another of these small translation companies, looking for people to collaborate in their profession. It has more than 400 professional translators around the world. In addition to covering a large number of languages, more than 28 languages ​​.

For beginners, the amount for translations is paid by the hour, that is, around 8 dollars (about 7 euros) for each effective hour of work . Once you level up, the payment increases. They value the permanence, consistency and quality of the texts -as in all companies of this style-.

Something in which Unbabel stands out is that it provides you with a preview of each translation so that the translator can continue with the rest. Although the prices are stipulated by the hour, the payments are weekly, and are made through platforms such as Paypal or Skrill. Therefore, the accessibility of payments is quite good, Paypal has the whole world and if not in a few simple steps you create one.

It also has a mobile app to work in the same way as from the PC. You can start by registering here .

5. Translators Base

Another of the main companies for online translations is Translators Base . It has a chain of high-quality translation jobs. If you are a great businessman with this platform you can take your business to higher levels. It offers 4 types of dedicated service for translators and agencies of this nature.

This renowned website has a peculiarity that differentiates it from the services mentioned above. This is a number of 78,000 clients who have more than 85,000 projects and 600,000 translators always on hand. There are all kinds of languages, from Latin, Arabic and Chinese to Spanish, English or German, among others.

How much do they pay? The average is at $0.09 a word, about $9 per 100 words.

A client publishes a project, the translator receives the offers, details can be discussed between the translator and the client. The approval is always given by the client who is the one who chooses the translator.

6. Take

As we mentioned before, there are websites that cover more than one language and others that cover only one. In the case of this website, they only handle translations in English .

It offers services to companies around the world , international, European, Asian among others. Also to academic centers, government centers and smaller companies.

Composed of thousands of translators worldwide . It has different departments such as content managers, proofreaders, editors, project managers and quality control.

Here the amount of payments works a little differently. Since the company does not impose a figure on you, you can choose the one that is most appropriate for you. So according to your "demands" they will give you work and, even so, if you don't want to do it, you don't have to do it .

Regarding the prices, it is very simple. If you have doubts about whether to apply for work, the website has some tables so that you have an idea of ​​the prices of other translators as a guide. You can start by registering here .

7. ProZ

ProZ is more of a platform to find a job as a translator . This site looks for both freelance translators and translation agencies. It has a large number of translators and related companies, a total of 800,000 to be exact. It is a free service for its users so that clients do not require commissions. It is recognized as one of the largest services at a professional level.

The way to register is also very simple :
  • First, you must register on the website.
  • Finally, create a profile and get started.
Said above, since it is a free service it increases your possibilities of earning money through online translations.

Other websites to earn money translating

The ones above are the best for us, but if you want to complement, there are more available to do online translations:


An incredible platform that guarantees the obtaining of jobs to translate. With the difference that it works as a guide, as its name indicates. Its way of operating is to provide solutions for translations worldwide. It is usually used by those translators who work independently.


It is another service or community of translators, which fall into the category of professionals. If you want to be part of this company you must make a resume in addition to a cover letter. With it, those in charge of hiring can assess whether the person is qualified or not.

TranslatorsCafe offers a direct way of interaction beyond its own platform, such as email, for example. Unlike other websites, it does not have this limitation.


This offers a more efficient, fast and personal service. Through this platform you can communicate directly with the client and vice versa. If the deal is mutually agreeable, both can keep in touch for as long as they want. Another advantage that this website has is that you do not have to be a high-level translator, being able to master two languages ​​is enough. Although it is recommended to have command of more languages.


This platform focuses more on more basic translations. Small sites such as blogs, social networks, among others. Unlike other websites where the work is sent directly to each translator, this one is all in one column. So if all the jobs in a day were posted and taken by other people, you'll have to wait. This website is on a first-come, first-served basis, so you should always be on the lookout. Your payment method is through PayPal.


It is one of the platforms that pays the best, in which you generate a certain amount of money for each word that you translate. Your payments are weekly and like most websites are made through PayPal.


This website offers all of its services only to developers or designers of mobile applications. Basically, its translations are focused on being able to offer said application in different languages. Each work is sent by email and the payment method is through PayPal.


Considered one of the best websites to get a job as a translator. Most of its content revolves around newsrooms, texts or reviews of existing information on the web. According to the number of words you can get a certain amount of money and payments are through PayPal.


It is not only well known but also the oldest of all, this website has been operating for more than 40 years. It has more than 2,500 translators worldwide. The way to register is very simple.

I acknowledge

You could potentially earn a lot of money if you put time and effort into the platform. It guarantees translations in more than 60 languages ​​to any agency, person, company or business that needs it. In addition to having multiple projects every day.


ILINGOSAUR is one of the agencies whose best known and important. They are usually in demand from anywhere in the world. To be able to work here you must submit a simple test. If you were accepted then you will be offered a series of projects that you will choose if you want to participate in or not.

In which case you accept a project. You have to download it, then you have to translate it and finally upload it to the website. If the client is satisfied with the work done, then you will get paid.


Its services are mostly offered not only to applications, but also to games and websites. You can register for free, after that you can start working immediately.

World Lingo

It is a company that is always looking for translators, whose time is unlimited, so that they can work from their homes. Its main requirement is that the worker has a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience. Nationality doesn't matter, as long as he's good at his job.

Pacific Interpreters

This website requests people who, in addition to being able to speak English, also speak other languages, so that they can work as telephone interpreters. It has a very flexible schedule which you can even shape to your comfort. They require you to have a minimum year of experience.

Lenguage Line

This is another telephone interpreter company. Their website is commonly looking for new interpreters or translators. What makes this job peculiar is that in addition to being an interpreter, you are an intermediary. While a call is made between 3 people (your clients plus you) you help these two people to understand each other.

Translator Town

It was another highly recommended platform, unfortunately it has closed permanently .

Like the previous ones, it was a job portal for global translations, linking clients with translators . In this case, you published your own work and could start generating money online . Also, it gave you the opportunity for better jobs to get more money with different translations.

You could also hire people if you needed them , or agencies that take care of the same. This is a translation chain that worked independently.

Although, this site had a slight disadvantage, the payments were made between the client and the translator, with the prices agreed between both parties. Everything totally off the platform, so its veracity was the responsibility of each person, the website is only an intermediary.

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