20 side job from home - safe and reliable

From our experience, there are thousands of jobs that can be done without leaving home , sometimes we look for an alternative to the usual routine work or we simply want to start a new project from home to radically change the common job. And with the new times, the current crises and other factors, the possibility of earning a living with just a computer has been greatly promoted .

Now, this does not mean that you are going to get rich or that it does not require effort , all work implies sacrifice, discipline, organization, perseverance and desire. If you add that you are good at something related to the Internet, you get more points.
 side job from home

What are the best side job from home?

If you like working remotely and setting your own goals, the following jobs from home will suit you a lot.

1. Create web pages and position them in Google

We start with our favorite , it is undoubtedly the best option if you want to earn money, although not the fastest. Learning SEO is "simple" with many quotes in between, you will need to search for a lot of information on the Internet and be up to date with the news from Google.

Positioning in Google or what is the same to do SEO to a website, has many ways to earn money, for example:
  • Advertising like Adsense or other advertising companies.
  • Amazon affiliation , aliexpress, gearbest, booking, etc. There are trillions of affiliate websites.
  • Rent the web to a company . If you position it, almost always locally, you can rent it to a company in the sector. For example, locksmiths in a locality.
  • Buy, improve and sell , is a common practice. Or you create it from scratch and sell it on websites like Forobeta, forum 2.0, flippa, etc.
  • Create an ecommerce and sell a product. Or dropshipping directly, but always be careful legally and without scamming anyone.
  • Do SEO to any company or individual that needs it.
You decide how you want to focus the web . Our favorites are to buy, improve and sell or buy, improve and maintain with passive income (which really require maintenance, content updates, external links, etc., come on, they are not totally passive).

2. Write articles or copywriting

If you like to write and you have a good spelling and grammar , it is the ideal job for you, since all web pages require information, which is why they resort to editors to write the content. Nowadays it is a job that is in high demand due to the incredible offer that there is . But watch out! value the work you do, write well and do not copy anyone.

In the event that you do not need to learn, our recommendation is that to find a job as a writer you start looking for websites, magazines and send several emails asking if they need your services. In addition, you can create a profile on Linkedin and say that you dedicate yourself to writing articles (by experience you will find a job quickly).

3. Virtual assistant

Working from home as a virtual assistant can be a great option, especially if you are a person with good organization and have a certain ease in learning all management tasks, use of Excel-style programs, Word, etc.

It is fully compatible to perform at home or any other place you choose, you will only need a laptop. In addition, getting one is not a very complicated task , since every day more companies decide to hire virtual assistants to take charge of customer service on their websites or carry out different tasks that need to be delegated.

4. Web affiliation

This is one of our favorite and most used methods. When many think of membership, "Amazon Affiliates" comes to mind , but there are thousands of sites that allow you to earn money by being an affiliate.

And how does the membership work? So that you understand it easily: you sell a product of a company and you get a commission for the sale . It is a summary way of understanding it, although there are different forms of affiliation, for example, installing an app, cpa, sms, among others.

It is not necessary to have a website to publish products , it can even be done through social networks. A system that we had a long time ago was to offer Amazon products on sale to earn money with a Telegram channel . An offer was published every X time, everything was automatic and we just had to focus on getting more followers.

Another example would be through a YouTube channel , gaming page affiliates, merchandising, etc. There is a real underworld behind affiliation.

5. Youtuber and visual content creation

Although it costs more and more, it is not impossible, it is a very burnt-out world where many have tried to create channels but few have achieved success . On YouTube the "snowball" effect is quite noticeable, the more subscribers you have, the more you get. That is why the beginnings on this platform is one of the most complicated.

Our recommendation is: find a very specific niche of people who like something and take advantage of it. Alternatively you can try doing SEO on youtube.

6. Graphic design

If you stand out in this area, you can offer your services on the Internet to multiple companies or individuals who need it. Some places where you can advertise as a designer of logos, banners, web pages , etc., is Fiverr, Forobeta, Forum 2.0... and if you search for more, there is sure to be.

7. Creation and management of web pages for small businesses

If your forte is creating websites for small businesses or individuals, take advantage of it. And if you want to learn, you can find a lot of information on the Internet (or take the fast track by buying a course).

In this work from home you can:
  • Create websites at the client's request.
  • Create websites at the client's request and carry out maintenance.
Really where the potential of this work resides is in management and maintenance . If you also learn a little about servers, nothing will hurt. With maintenance of 10-15 pages per month you can get a good salary from home.

8. Community and Social Manager

This is another of the most profitable and popular business methods today. It requires imagination, strategies to set (real) objectives for companies and achieve greater interaction in publications, visits to websites, product sales, etc. And all this with the management of social networks.

It is very important that if you decide to undertake this branch of the Internet, you learn how to do good marketing on social networks . As in everything, a training will not hurt you.

As an alternative to working with companies, you can and work them to the fullest. As a complement, we recommend you learn about network advertising, create your own social networks on certain social niches such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Google ads.

9. Coaching and course creation

This way of earning money is only if you consider yourself an expert in something , and if you have a certificate that better supports your knowledge. Today there are many people who create courses (for example dropshipping courses) that have little value, to say nothing. Rehashes from other courses and even translations. We do not say this type of courses.

Some examples of courses (they are only examples):
  • I am a person who knows how to program with a special technique or simply with a simple guide, you take a course and test if it works.
  • I know how to sew and patchwork with different fabrics, I make beautiful creations for the house and I can teach other people, I take a course.
  • I get money making woocommerce stores, my method works well for me and I want to teach it to earn money, I take a course.

10. Audio to Text Transcriber

Another of the many ways that will allow you to work at home and earn money is by working as an audio to text transcriptionist and vice versa . You'll need to write fast, have a good ear, and work hard to earn good, repeat customers.

11. Teacher or online teacher

If you are a qualified professional or have a lot of knowledge in a subject, you can teach other people online . It is no longer necessary to go home or for the student to go to yours, this is the past. With the coronavirus crisis this became history and right now practically all the extra review classes are given online. You will only need to use a video program to communicate with the student in the Skype or Zoom style.

An alternative would be to record the classes on a certain subject and sell it to the students with the bonus of answering questions live. For example, you create your own video syllabus on the subject of mathematics, record all the topics and then answer all the questions the students have.

12. Video or photographs

If you are a photographer or you just like photography and you are good at it, you can sell your photos online . There are many companies, especially online magazines that publish daily and need a large repertoire of copyrighted images for commercial use . For example, photographs of cooking recipes, objects that serve as reviews, landscapes, events, places, etc.

On the other hand is the video. Many individuals and companies are looking for video editors for social networks , YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If you like this world, specialize and earn a living from home.

13. Freelance for multitasking

On platforms like Fiverr and freelancer you can sell your services as a freelance to perform all kinds of basic and advanced tasks . In this sector you could put all the tasks you can imagine, both routine and monotonous as well as exclusive. We recommend taking a look and looking for more information about freelancers.

14. Sell everything you don't use

Although it is not a stable work at home, it is a way to earn money quickly . It is as easy as using well-known applications such as Wallapop or secondhand (vibbo) to sell everything you no longer use.

15. Translation of texts

Translating texts is an art that not many can do, just like the painter who paints pictures or the investor who earns money by investing every month. For a long time, many have been translating professionally or simply to earn extra money to help pay monthly expenses. Here you can see all the pages to earn money translating texts .

16. Create music or teach to play instruments

If you play an instrument you can teach other people through YouTube or a website. Or if you are good at creating music you can upload them to platforms like spotify or soundcloud where you will receive money in exchange for reproductions.

17. Cooking recipes

Many magazines, blogs and web pages in general are looking for editors who know how to handle themselves in the kitchen to create custom recipes . It is a very fun job, if you are creative in the kitchen and have the facility to innovate and learn new recipes, without a doubt this job is for you. Contact gastronomy websites and sell your services. You may need a camera to take photos at each step of the recipe.

Another alternative is to create YouTube videos of recipes , however, as we said above, you will need to do SEO positioning to appear in the first results on YouTube.

18. Product reviews

As easy as that, review products that you have tried (or not), from places and companies . It is an unstable method but it will help you earn an extra at the end of the month.

19. Data entry or Data Entry

Data Entry work is very interesting to work from home. There are quite a few companies that need workers to enter various data into their systems. The data can be from the typical excel, like more complex database programs, in the end it is reduced to the same thing: entering data . If you like numbers, typing and have typing skills this is your job.

20. Other jobs that can be done from home but with some occasional departure

  • Development of web or mobile applications.
  • Rent the car, garage space, house, etc.
  • Sell ​​personalized desserts online, with drawings, names, etc.
  • Personal trainer.
  • Publish offers on websites in the style of the chollometro.
  • Dressmaking and clothing arrangement.
  • Repair of household appliances or technology products.
  • Conduct online surveys.
  • Online dietician.
  • Publish and sell your own digital book on platforms such as casadellibro or Amazon.
  • Repair, decorate and sell vintage-style furniture.
  • Yoga classes online.

Benefits of working at home

  • Great time flexibility . One of the main benefits of working at home is its great flexibility, the distribution of the schedule throughout the day will be our choice. Being able to do more hours one day and less another, or even working long hours at the beginning of the week and enjoying more days off.
  • Goodbye to the car, gasoline and displacements . This is one of the advantages that most attracts those who want to work online. Saying goodbye to the car means spending less on gasoline, avoiding traffic queues and reducing daily trips to zero.
  • Greater freedom. Thanks to the flexible schedule we will have access to a greater number of plans, trips, parties or time to spend with our relatives.
  • Greater personal fulfillment. Starting your own digital business, opening your own blog or your YouTube channel, are objectives that can produce greater personal fulfillment than working for another person. Pursuing your own objectives and goals is often more rewarding than working for someone else's goals.
  • Extra money . If your objective is only to earn money as an extra to your usual job, you will get that jump that you need to buy what you want or to go more relieved at the end of the month.
  • You will learn to manage your own work . Little by little (and if you follow this website), in addition to the ways to invest and earn money, you will learn to organize and manage your work. You will be your own boss and the objectives will be set by you.

Disadvantages of working at home

Working at home can also entail a series of disadvantages or contraindications, such as:
  • Greater economic instability . Certain jobs to do at home can be financially unstable.
  • Greater sedentary lifestyle . You will have to force yourself to do sports daily or every two days if you do not want to have physical problems.
  • Less socializing . Working every computer means socializing with fewer people. When you get the chance, get out of the house and talk to people.

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