The 10 best alternatives to AliExpress for dropshipping

Currently, Dropshipping is one of the most used business models to earn money without complications. Since, the provider will basically be in charge of all the management; both administrative, as well as shipping management, among others. And in this sense, AliExpress has become one of the best dropshipping providers .

Sometimes you may not find the desired product or simply want to change the commission percentages . For this reason, it is useful to browse through all the existing possibilities. Today we show you other alternatives to AliExpress for dropshipping .

1. Biguy

BigBuy 's headquarters are in Spain, and in its inventory we find products from all categories. What does BigBuy offer us?

You don't need to store, nor do you need to invest in stock . Thousands of BigBuy products will become your stock. 0 investment with all the guarantees.
BigBuy is in charge of preparing the order, packaging and shipping. It does all the logistics so that you save it.
The acclaimed « direct shipment to the final customer » is at your expense. They deliver with the logo and name of your brand.
They have a catalog in 24 different languages, so you can navigate easily.
Tech support is pretty good . Having tested it, we can ensure that they answer quickly.
They have wholesale prices sending individual products .
Products can be sold on Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten , etc. Take charge only of improving the marketing of your brand.
They have many synchronization options with your ecommerce with different CMS.

We recently gave our Bigbuy reviews , highlighting the main features and listing the advantages and disadvantages it has. We recommend you take a look.

2. Alibaba

In the first place we have Alibaba for a simple reason, and that is that this is not only the largest Chinese market today, but it is also one of the largest markets for B2B exporters .

While AliExpress is characterized by offering a model that offers a P2P (peer-to-peer) system, Alibaba has a focus for businesses/SMEs or companies . For this reason, not only does it usually have a greater variety of products, but it also has better prices for the end customer . Therefore, we invite you to try this AliExpress alternative, since you will surely be more than satisfied.

3. Printful

If for some reason you have a digital store that sells clothing, accessories or decoration, Printful may be the most suitable dropshipping provider for you. Since, they always do their best to guarantee the end customer an unforgettable experience, and one that far exceeds the competition; from fast shipping, to a variety of products or excellent technical support .

For this reason, Printful is in charge of the management and administration of the order that your client has requested . In addition, if he has a specific design in mind, he can also request it from the company, and they will do everything to achieve his satisfaction. We must add that lately they have been offering coupons of up to 20% discount, something that you cannot miss if you are just starting out.

4. Spocket

With Spocket your customers will have a wide list of products; with the possibility of being sent to different corners of the world, since the company has associations in various leading shipping companies in the sector . Therefore, it can be considered as an excellent alternative to AliExpress; this without adding, which has excellent prices in some categories that we invite you to explore.

Spocket also includes an option that will be quite useful if you want to test the service they offer; they will allow you to sell up to 25 products for free; without the need for a subscription . In addition, at all times, they will be monitoring the order, in order to guarantee compliance with the delivery.

5. Made in China

Like Alibaba, this company is a B2B marketplace, designed for businesses, SMEs, or companies . On this great platform you can talk directly with companies.

It should be noted that Made-in-China, despite not being a subsidiary of Alibaba, has a very similar internal work system . For this reason, if you have become familiar with AliExpress as a provider, it is almost certain that you will be able to easily make your adjustments from here.

6. SaleHoo

On the other hand, we have SaleHoo, which is characterized by having quite flexible plans for users who wish to join Dropshipping . And also, it has a large catalog of products, from items for pets, to technology, devices for the home, among many others.

It should be noted that SaleHoo is one of the best alternatives to AliExpress, since despite having a large number of suppliers, they recognize that not all of them can guarantee quality products. These facts have earned them a lot of reputation on the Internet; So much has been their global recognition that they have dedicated a couple of articles in Forbes magazine or CNBC.

7. Doba

One of the best options in terms of Dropshipping suppliers is Doba, since it is not only in charge of supplying your online store of products; Also, they are in charge of contacting many more suppliers in order to offer a large number of products to the final customer; some coming from AliExpress, others from Amazon or even eBay.

Therefore, it is quite likely to find in Doba products that you have seen on other sites affiliated with Amazon or AliExpress . However, something that stands out from other providers is that with this service all customers will obtain the product under the name of your online store. In addition, they also offer different payment assistants, excellent administrative management and have multiple tools that you could integrate for your buyers.


Among the best alternatives to AliExpress for Dropshipping we have DHGate, which is characterized by having a large number of products that you could find on AliExpress or other suppliers; It also has a fairly similar interface. However, they also have the same problem: delivery times, sometimes quite long .

On the other hand, it is characterized by offering a free use option, buyer protection and excellent compatibility in delivery times with EU countries and the United States . We must not omit either, that its prices are excellent compared to several of the mentioned providers, and for this reason it earned a position in this TOP of alternatives to AliExpress.

9. Taobao

One of the alternatives to consider, and one that is very similar to AliExpress, is Taobao. However, its greatest complexity lies in the fact that, when you enter the web, you will see the entire web in Mandarin , since it is a site made by Chinese.

However, if you are looking for quality-price and a wide variety , we anticipate your first stay, because here you will be able to find everything you need for your company, and perhaps much more. However, they have a small drawback, and that is that shipping times outside of China are usually quite late; although they make up for this by including the possibility of making payments with PayPal .

10. Banggood

To finish this TOP of Dropshipping alternatives to AliExpress, we have Banggod, which, although it does not have a large number of products, has a series of warehouses in Europe and the United States. In addition, different associations with companies that provide high-tech equipment ; from virtual reality components, to smartphones or computer items.

For this reason, and because it has a fairly intuitive website, and similar to Amazon, we consider it an excellent option. In addition, it offers multiple payment and management alternatives in different languages. However, a negative point to take into account is that delivery times are usually quite long , up to 30 days, since it is a growing provider that has just entered the market.


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