The 5 Most Secure Bitcoin Wallets

Investing in cryptocurrency is all very well, and starting to learn how to navigate the crypto market is the first step in what could be a long and prolific career as an investor .

However, what to do once you are in possession of an intangible asset? There is only one way to keep those digital assets safe , and that is by storing them in one of the many Bitcoin wallets available.

There are ultra cold, cold, warm and hot wallets, depending on their level of dependency on the network and, therefore, their security.

Now, just as the offer of exchange platforms in which to invest in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is high, so is the number of wallets that you can use to store your cryptocurrencies.

The security differences between hot and cold wallets are abysmal, as is the level of protection they are capable of offering.

We fully understand that you feel somewhat lost about Bitcoin wallets, especially if you have little experience dealing with these assets, but you should not worry.

Next, we have prepared a small summary with what are, as of today, the 5 safest Bitcoin wallets to keep your assets safe.


It is very likely that you have heard of Criptan, and the truth is that it does not fall within the definition of wallet .

However, Criptan is designed to act as a kind of umbrella under which different functions come together to operate with cryptos .

Therefore, it would not be fair not to consider its benefits in this sense, since its app is an effective tool for storing various crypto assets and keeping them safe.

The Criptan app, available for iOS and Android, has a "Wallet" option in its lower selector, from where it is possible to control the assets purchased and check their performance and value.

In addition, taking into account the strict security measures that the application can boast, we can affirm that Criptan is one of the top options for storing crypto assets and not worrying about everything related to security and restricted access to our assets.

And it is that Criptan keeps more than 80% of its users' funds in ultra-cold wallets , which can only be accessed through the collaboration of various team members.

These people are located in different geographical points , which gives the system a plus of security. This, in practice, means that no transfer can be made without the connivance of various members of the team.

Criptan is an application that can be considered as a wallet due to the functions it includes, but it does not fall within the specific definition of "wallet".

On the other hand, Criptan stands out for its enormous accessibility and for the rich ramification of functions that it makes available to the user, thinking, above all, of the less experienced investor.

In fact, one of Criptan's strengths is that it offers specialized advice , something very useful to resolve doubts at any time with an expert member of the team.

Everything in Criptan is designed to be simple and to be completed in a few steps. The "Wallet" option even has direct access to Criptan Earn, a tool to promote asset performance.

With everything, despite the fact that Criptan is not a wallet to use , it can be an option to take into account to keep crypto assets safe and keep them away from the clutches of hackers who are dedicated to stealing cryptocurrencies from the most popular wallets. vulnerable.



It is one of the most used Bitcoin wallets worldwide to store cryptos. Its design is especially intuitive, which has earned it a barrage of good reviews since its development.

It works with the Lightning Network protocol , designed to optimize the scalability of Bitcoin, which for practical purposes is like a second layer of this cryptocurrency.

What the Lightning Network protocol achieves is to carry out transactions almost instantly and with almost symbolic commissions.

On the other hand, it is considered one of the most secure Bitcoin wallets thanks to its two-factor authentication system, presenting full compatibility with a hardware wallet .

Although it is one of the most secure and versatile wallets, it has the handicap that it is not available for iOS, although it does work on Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android .


Bitcoin Core

Although very popular, in recent years it has suffered from a lack of ambition , which has led it to go from being the best wallet to store Bitcoins to, simply, a good wallet.

The truth is that it is one of the most efficient Bitcoin wallets, and it keeps intact almost all the features that made it great, but without a doubt it is an option that has been somewhat limited in terms of performance .

The fact that it does not work with the Lightning Network protocol plays against it, since it is much slower and needs a lot of free space to work.

In exchange for this, it is fair to recognize that it continues to be the reference in terms of privacy and security, maintaining the type in a more than remarkable way so many years later.

Of course, it only works on Windows, MacOS and Linux , leaving devices that work with iOS and Android out of coverage.


Bitcoin Wallet

It is one of the most recommended Bitcoin wallets to carry Bitcoins on the phone. It is an exclusive wallet for Android devices and is designed to be accessible even for less expert users.

However, it is an app with some shortcomings that it is important to know.
It is a good option for anyone who wants to have their cryptocurrencies and their virtual credit and debit cards on the same phone, although with limitations that can be decisive.

Despite the fact that the shielding that the operating system gives it is important, it does not have a multi-signature system and it does not work with the Lightning Network , so it plays at a disadvantage compared to other Bitcoin wallets that do have these additions.

This means that it is a somewhat slower wallet, although it is secure enough to keep cryptocurrencies safe on the phone.



Just as many Bitcoin wallets have a design suitable for desktop and mobile app, the case of Breez is a rare bird because it has been designed exclusively to work on smartphones .

Available for both iOS and Android devices , it works with the Lightning Network protocol and has the latest additions in terms of cybersecurity.

It is capable of performing any movement and operation instantly, almost completely eliminating annoying waiting times.

The agility, together with the ease of use that it has presented since its inception, has been more than enough reason to be well received by those investors who wish to combine their cards, bank accounts and financial assets in the same terminal .


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