The 4 best apps to earn Bitcoins

Investments in crypto assets are operations that are carried out with the same purpose: to try to obtain an economic benefit. However, there are several factors that influence the profit margin of an operation of this type and we will try to explain what they are.
To begin with, there is an aspect that we should not take our eyes off if what we are looking for is to try to earn money by investing in Bitcoins: it is about ROI, the return on investment index (for its acronym in English), which will be decisive for try to maximize the profit margins of the investment.

If you are new to investing in cryptocurrencies, it is best to invest small amounts and not be too ambitious so that you know the dynamics of the crypto market.

Keep in mind that experience is an added value, but daring is not usually a good adviser: the crypto market is relentless when assets lose value , so it is best to let yourself be advised by those who have more experience in the matter.

If the platform that you are going to use to invest in Bitcoins offers an advisory service, you should use it unless you know very well what you are doing. This way, you will be more likely to try to increase profits.


It is the reference in terms of apps to earn Bitcoins , especially thanks to its system of replicas and consultation of operations, which allows democratizing the main transactions carried out through the app.

And it is that eToro has Social Trading functions , through which it is possible to access a ranking with the best investors in the app.

The eToro app allows you to trade directly by activating CFDs, which is an advantage over other proposals on the market.

It is an especially attractive option for investors with little experience in crypto assets, especially if we take into account that its system is designed to allow all its users access to the most popular operations.

This gives eToro an unparalleled character, making the most complex trades available to anyone and giving all users the same opportunities .

Therefore, it is the best option when looking to perform a certain daily action to earn BTC satoshis, accumulate them and add them to the earnings of our wallet.


RollerCoin is a cryptocurrency mining simulation game created at the beginning of 2018. Its idea is very simple: pretend that you have a small room full of mining devices that can be used at will, with which it is possible to earn cryptocurrencies for each block mined in the game.

It is a great option if you are looking for a fun app where it is possible to earn Bitcoins daily by carrying out small actions over time .

In addition to BTCs, it is possible to accumulate profits with other cryptocurrencies for free: ETHs, DOGEs and even RLTs, the “RollerToken”.

The cryptocurrency profit margin that can be earned is quite large, if we take into account the characteristics of these apps.

It is possible to obtain rewards of up to 60,000 satoshis for each completed RollerCoin block, a value well above what these apps normally offer.

The concept is quite similar to Farm Simulator, only that it adapts the structure to crypto mining to create a fun game where competitiveness is encouraged.

In the app, every 10 minutes a new block is generated , and with it an associated reward. In order to play, it is necessary to resort to powerful mining equipment to try to aspire to the most succulent rewards.


It is an app that is highly appreciated for being somewhat more serious than some of the proposals that normally occupy the crypto market.

FreeBitcoin works under the umbrella of Interglobal Limited , a company founded in 2013 with headquarters in the Belize region, in Central America.

The minimum amount to be able to claim payments in FreeBitcoin is 30,000 satoshis, and they can be made to any Bitcoin wallet.

It has an interesting referral system, through which we can earn 50% of the amount of Bitcoins that our guests get for free. A system that is valid for any new member and that encourages the expansion of the app itself.

FreeBitcoin allows you to earn Bitcoins for free with various activities: through mining, through games or by sending invitations to friends to enter the app.

The games are very simple and there are some that even flirt with those of chance, assigning a lucky number to each user who has its equivalent in BTCs.

One of the most famous games is the Roll . In it, numbers from 0 to 10,000 are randomly assigned, each of which has its corresponding reward assigned.

The rewards can be consulted in the app itself, through a table that specifies which numbers have which prizes.

For example, the numbers from 0 to 9,885, both inclusive, have an associated reward of 264 satoshis, while the number 10,000 has an assigned reward of 0.26 BTC, which at the current price is around 8,800 euros .


It is one of the apps that uses the traditional ad display system to accumulate rewards in the form of rewards with a monetary value . In this case, we are talking about satoshis.

After creating an account, the user will have the opportunity to view ads and earn rewards based on their duration and other factors that the system interprets as relevant.

Bitmaker also grants satoshis for testing games, apps, new products and services or for viewing specific small spots.

It is a good option for all those users who want to forget about mining. Thanks to these incentives, it will be possible to accumulate satoshis every 30 minutes for free and without having to resort to mining Bitcoins.

Consistency plays a key role here, since the app is designed to be used every day and accumulate small rewards in the form of small parts of cryptocurrencies.

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