10 Proven Ways to Make Money with Amazon

 If you are looking to improve your finances, or generate extra income, learning how to make money on amazon is an excellent alternative.

Amazon is one of the best positioned e-commerce platforms in the world, which works in your favor when it comes to using it to generate income online.

Currently there are numerous strategies that allow you to earn money with Amazon from the comfort of your home, in this article we are going to share with you five methods to achieve it from scratch.

Ways to make money with Amazon today:

Although creating your own store and being an Amazon seller is a very good way to earn money online , there are other very interesting methods that you can explore to create your first online business on Amazon.

Would you like to generate 3 figures, or more, monthly through Amazon? Do you want to start your own business, scale it and achieve financial independence?

This is completely possible if you make sure to put into practice the strategies that we will share below.
All have proven to be effective in earning money, and in fact we will present some success stories of entrepreneurs who have changed their lives thanks to these methods.

1. Create your own store and sell on Amazon

Selling products through your own Amazon virtual store is completely possible, safe and reliable through the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program.

The essence of this program is to offer products online without having to take care of the entire logistics process of packaging or shipping, which is 100% practical.

In theory, Amazon will be in charge of processing these tasks through its own work team.
Therefore, you only have to make sure you purchase the products you want to sell in your virtual store and then complete a few basic steps.

How does Amazon FBA work?

Next we will tell you what are the steps to follow to generate hundreds or thousands of dollars through Amazon FBA:
  1. Set up your Amazon FBA account (can be personal or professional).
  2. Buy the products you want to offer in your online store.
  3. Add them to your Amazon store.
  4. Send the merchandise to the warehouse designated by this company.
  5. As soon as the products are in your possession, Amazon will be in charge of processing, packaging and shipping the orders to your customers.
There are many cases of people who have discovered how to make money with Amazon through the FBA program, Chris Guthrie being one of the most popular.

This young entrepreneur has generated more than six figures selling products in this ecommerce , (specifically thanks to Amazon FBA).

His case was so famous that they came to nickname him "the Amazon boy", and all thanks to the fact that in just a couple of years he managed to build an empire selling products on this e-commerce platform with global reach.

One of the biggest keys to success consists in offering products that are in high demand, and above all, in implementing complementary marketing strategies that increase the reach of your business.

Can you really make money with Amazon FBA?

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
Absolutely! Starting under the Amazon FBA model is equivalent to starting a business on autopilot.
This means that there are multiple benefits associated with sales in this ecommerce , such as:

– By creating a seller account you have the option to buy products in bulk, reducing unit costs.
– You do not need to invest money in renting a place, hire staff or make a large initial investment in logistics. Remember that your products will be stored directly by Amazon.
– Amazon takes care of the entire logistics system: processing, packaging and shipping, which saves you time, resources and money. (This mechanism is also known worldwide as Dropshipping ).
– This online sales strategy is absolutely scalable.
– The profitability of sales through Amazon FBA does not usually decrease over time (if you make sure to choose your products and suppliers well).

On the other hand, if you wonder how much money you could earn from this strategy, we must tell you that the amount will depend on your initial investment and the effort you make to boost your business.

But even so, it is valid to mention that there are people generating between 3 and 7 annual figures in sales thanks to this online business model .

2. Earn money with Amazon Affiliates

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
You must learn about the Amazon affiliate program , if you really want to generate income with this online store.

Today it is known as one of the largest affiliate programs on the market, especially since its commission system is quite favorable.

To take advantage of it, you need to understand what affiliate marketing is all about, so pay attention to this explanation.

Affiliate Marketing explained step by step

It basically consists of promoting products or services from a third party so that each completed sale generates a commission.

The differentiating element of this business strategy is that when you join affiliate programs, such as Amazon Affiliates, you receive a link that you must use to encourage the desired conversion on your blog or website.

So that you understand this strategy well and can implement it with the Amazon program, we suggest you follow these steps:
  • Join Amazon Affiliates.
  • Get your affiliate link.
  • Promote the products or services of a third party on your blog or page.
  • Every time a user buys the products promoted through your own affiliate link you will receive a commission.
To start this business you need to have a presence in the digital environment, so if you have not yet taken this step, we invite you to do so as soon as possible.

For this, we want to invite you to get to know Empieza Online, a course to create a profitable website.

3. Earn money with Amazon Kindle Publishing

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a system that allows you to publish and earn money with your own books on Amazon to reach potential customers, and generate more and more sales.

This is an excellent linked strategy to make money with Amazon that you will like a lot if you are a writer, or if you simply dedicate yourself to the creation of infoproducts.

In fact, joining KDP will help you generate significant passive income from wherever you are.

Some say that the key to success lies not only in writing authentic, attractive and neat books, but also in gradually increasing the number of publications.

In other words, the more books you write and publish on Amazon Kindle, the better chance you have of discovering how to make money with Amazon.

Amazon Kindle and the generation of millionaire income

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
It may sound a bit surreal, but the truth is that Amazon Kindle has become one of the most effective strategies to generate income equivalent to seven figures.

Tim Ferris , a well-known American businessman, author, and podcaster, has earned more than $100,000 from the digital sales of his works through this service, as he explains in one of his own blog posts .

4. Join Amazon Mechanical Turk

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
Another way to earn money with Amazon in a practical and safe way is the program called Amazon Mechanical Turk .

In simple words you will receive a payment for completing some of these tasks or activities:
  • Do data validation.
  • Investigate.
  • Participate in paid surveys and more.
This program is in charge of subcontracting remote services for commercial, investigative, promotional purposes, etc.

So it can become one of the best online jobs you can imagine to generate additional income month after month.

How much money can you make with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

If you wonder how much money you can generate with this program, the answer is the following: between $120 and $200 dollars working 20 hours a week.

With this Amazon marketplace you can offer your services as a freelancer and generate hundreds of extra dollars from the comfort of your home or office.

5. Amazon Flex

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
Working as a delivery person is another great way to earn money with Amazon thanks to its Amazon Flex program.

This service allows people who have their own vehicle, or even a motorcycle, to become official distributors of this ecommerce.

Your job will be to deliver packages to Amazon customers who have made purchases online and all you need is a car of your own.

Getting started with Amazon Flex

Ideally, you should download the Amazon Flex app and enter your current location so you know if it's already available in the country where you live right now.

If not, you have the option of joining a waiting list so that as soon as the service starts operating in the area where you live, you will receive a notice or notification.

Your income as a delivery person will be subject to the number of hours you dedicate to deliveries.
However, the average income during a day can be around $100 dollars, according to official data from Amazon Flex.

Indeed, on their page they indicate that delivery men can earn between $18 and $25 dollars per hour, and that work shifts are generally five hours.

Amazon Flex has gained a lot of fans this year, perhaps because online shopping has exploded on a global scale due to the pandemic.

6. Work with Amazon from home

No matter where you live, today you can work and earn money with Amazon from home. Every day new job offers are published on the Amazon page .

So you do not have to live in a country where there is economic activity from Amazon, as this company has different points of attention and service around the world.

Many people even admit that working at Amazon is one of the best options to earn money from home .
Explore the different areas of work that Amazon offers; From programming, marketing, to a sales representative, or virtual assistance , you have a wide variety of options to earn money with Amazon.

7. Sell your handmade products

This e-commerce giant has a whole section within its store dedicated to handmade and artisan products.
This program is known as Amazon Handmade , and there you can sell the products you make to sell at home .

According to the Amazon Seller report from the JungleScout platform , 63% of the artisans who work with Amazon Handmade generate more than a thousand dollars each month, which shows the potential of this market.

So take advantage of this alternative to earn money on Amazon, since this platform is giving impetus and diffusion to the products that are offered there.

8. Generate income with Amazon Merch

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
If you're good at designing, or like working with design programs and have a knack for illustrating, Amazon has a great monetization offer for you.

How does Amazon Merch work?

If you like to design and you don't want to spend money having shirts, caps, glasses, paintings or suitcases produced, Amazon Merch is a very profitable alternative.

Basically, for every sale you make of a design, Amazon takes care of producing it and then pays you a commission. So the business model here is royalties from the sale of your design.

If you are interested in this alternative to earn money with Amazon, here is the list of royalties that Amazon Merch pays for the sale of products with your designs.

Now, it is important that you request an invitation to Amazon Merch to be part of this program. In this you must explain why you should be accepted into the program and wait for Amazon to respond.
Due to the high demand for this program, the application can take up to 6 months to be approved.

9. Offer your professional services on Amazon

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
Selling products is not the only option you have to make money with Amazon. In fact, there are thousands of people earning money with this platform offering their professional services.

This option consists of offering additional services to the purchase of products that occur on the platform. Among the professional service options available on Amazon, you can offer:
  • assembly service
  • Appliance Installation Services
  • Home theater services.
Although this alternative only works for the United States, if you live there, you can offer your services on the platform and start receiving work orders.

Here you can find more information about the options you have to earn money with Amazon offering your services as a freelancer .

10. Earn money with Amazon Web Services

 Ways to Make Money with Amazon
Amazon is not just an online store. In fact, one of its most profitable business models is AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services.

From cloud storage, application development, automated voice services, to Email Marketing services, AWS is one of the largest and most robust digital providers in the world.

How to make money with Amazon Web Services?

If you have knowledge in programming, you are an expert implementing projects or programming applications, you can offer your knowledge through virtual consultancies or specific actions.

For example, you can sign up for freelance platforms and offer your specialized services on AWS. In general, these jobs pay very well , since not everyone has the knowledge to develop on this platform.

Best of all, you can offer your knowledge and experience to multiple industries. For example, these are some sectors that require these skills.
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Financial services
  • video game technology
  • Multimedia content and entertainment.
So, if you want to start making money with Amazon and you have knowledge in AWS, start offering your services on the freelance platforms on the Internet .

Start making money with Amazon today

In this guide we have shared 5 great mechanisms to understand how to make money on amazon on a recurring and successful basis.

Some can be executed remotely, that is, remotely, while other options will require you to move from one place to another, as would be the case with Amazon Flex.

But one way or another you will be generating money that you can use to start other businesses, pay off debts or dramatically balance your finances.

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