How to earn more money in ClickBank?

ClickBank is a platform that we talked about before so I won't touch much on what it is, what it is for and how we earn money with ClickBank, if you want to find out a little more about the platform you can enter easy money and search for ClickBank, to take you directly to your entry where we talk about everything you need to know about ClickBank and its affiliate system

In this case we will focus more on how to improve the results in ClickBank, that is, how we can earn more money with ClickBank, to be honest I have focused on ClickBank, but I really believe that the strategy that we will talk about today can be used in other similar platforms It is a very easy method that can bring us very good results if we do it well.

How to get better results in ClickBank?

For the method that we are going to implement, we will only need a ClickBank account, or any similar platform, a link shortener , which in this case is not one to make money but to give the link a better presentation, you can use .

Apart from this we will only need a facebook account, but don't worry since you don't need to have a large number of followers, as long as it is a real facebook account, or at least it seems real enough.

How to earn more money in ClickBank?

Now that we have all the necessary tools to boost our earnings in ClickBank let's start, the first thing we are going to do is go to our ClickBank account, and look for the product we want to promote.

As you already know, ClickBank has many interesting campaigns, but I recommend that you look for one with the $1 Trial feature, since so far they have given me the best results.

When you are clear about the product you want to promote, you just have to click on promote, fill in the information that is requested and create the link that will help you earn money, the next step will be to shorten this link so that it has a better presentation, this can be seen like something silly to some but it is important.

How to promote the product on facebook?

Now we move on to the last phase of the strategy, which is to promote the ClickBank product on Facebook, for this the first thing we will do is look for a minimum of 5 groups that are related to what we are promoting, this is also important to keep in mind. account when choosing the product in ClickBank.

When we already have the groups where we want to promote the product, what we will do is create a publication offering the product, but without putting the affiliate link, that is, you will create a publication saying that you have the opportunity to refer people to said product, you will tell them If they are interested then they should contact you.

In this way we can promote the product in facebook groups with many followers without fear of being affected by putting the link, this method is very good and works well since it is not the typical one I put my affiliate link and there are many who decide to click In this method you will have more contact with the client since first they will talk in private and then the link will come.

Another way to promote ClickBank products on facebook

If you don't like this way or want to maximize it, what you can do is look for the clients directly, in this case I advise you to look for people who have recently joined the group, since they will be people who will be more interested in the subject of the group.

After identifying this person, you just send him a message saying that you realized that he has just joined the group, tell him the name of the group and explain that you are also in that group and that you are interested in contacting interested people to said product that you have chosen.

Remember that the most important of these two methods is how you reach people, so don't write just for the sake of writing, try to be sincere and express it in an attractive way without falling for lies, because at the end of the day the best part of the strategy It is that you have direct contact with the client so take advantage of it.


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