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Games to earn money on PayPal have become very fashionable lately, especially applications that contain simple games, however, how true is this? Can you really make money playing video games?

Seeing many Youtubers who show how they are earning real money with applications and video games, I decided to do my own experiment and be able to confirm for myself if you can earn money with games or if on the contrary it is just a strategy to gain more views.

Looking for games that pay by PayPal

The first thing I did is find out on the internet what types of games exist, which ones work, which ones don't, and gather all kinds of information so that I can start playing a game that pays me real money.

After having consulted several sites and downloaded different applications, I have realized that the vast majority of games that exist do not work, many of them are really very rare; They are games that tell you that they are going to pay you but then they crash and stop working, there is also the case where they simply send you a message indicating that they have many transactions and therefore you cannot withdraw your "earnings" .

In the end, many of these applications only show you in their system that you are earning money, but when you want to withdraw the supposed earnings, you realize that you have wasted your time.

I also want to emphasize that games to earn money or applications of this type of thing are usually prohibited in the Apple store and Google Play and that is why there are almost none.

Games to earn money on PayPal

After so much searching, the only thing I've seen that is a game that allows you to earn money on PayPal, are games from a company called Skillz.

earn money by playing games paypal

To know that if Skillz is a serious company, that it does pay to play its games, we realize that it is a company that is listed on the Stock Exchange and that it has been operating for many years - therefore - it is a 100% real company that has several games where you can earn money by playing.

How does Skillz work?

earn money by playing games paypal

Skillz is a platform that contains games that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Play Store and in order for a user like us to earn real money, they have to win games against another real person.

Basically, you are up against other people who deposit money to the Skillz platform, where you also have to add funds to be able to compete for real money, if you win a game, you get the money that the other person bet when playing and Skillz, as the owner from the gaming platform, he keeps a commission.

What games are on Skillz?

In Skillz we can find many games like tetris, dominoes, bubble shooter, etc. They are simple games with the purpose that you learn them quickly with the tutorial mode and then try to win games against other people competing for real money.

Games that Pay on PayPal

earn money by playing games paypal

As another point in favor, if you manage to earn money playing and winning other people's games, you can withdraw your winnings through PayPal, Apple Pay, or to your bank account.

Take into account that, for any request to withdraw funds, the Skillz platform will charge you a small Fee or commission for carrying out the transaction.

Applications to earn money in PayPal

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a good android or ios app that actually pays out to PayPal or at least pays out, most of the apps I downloaded showed how much money I was "making", however when I got to the minimum of withdrawal, when trying to send the money to my account I always got messages like: "we are with many requests, it is possible that your request will take a while" or you did not get any message directly and nobody responded.

The vast majority of applications to earn money in PayPal, it is only for a massive number of people to download such an application and interact with it, seeing ads, filling out surveys, which is more profitable for the person who created it.

Conclusions and recommendations

The fact of earning money playing video games attracts a lot of people's attention, who does not want to play games and earn money? Everyone wants to do it, everyone wants to earn money by doing as little as possible and if, in addition to doing as little as possible, they can do something they like, much better.

I understand that I have attracted a lot of attention, and that is why there are so many people and so many companies creating this, because in the end what the market does is offer what people want, if people want to earn money playing games, the market and the companies They are going to create games to earn money.

But what you have to understand is that money does not come out of thin air, for one person to win in this type of game, another person has to lose that money.

The case can also arise in other types of games, for a person to win money, another person has to spend, which is not the same as spending, than losing.

What I want to convey to you is that money does not come out of nowhere, much less from games, for one person to win, another has to be spending or losing money.

I recommend that you try to understand how it works and how value is created within the business where you try to earn money online, there you will realize if it is a sustainable business model in the long term or if it is a business model that does not have much of a future.

The conclusion that I can give you after writing this blog, is that you try to escape from these ways to earn money or get rich quickly, be it with games, or miraculous investment methods, it is exactly the same, change your mentality of doing the minimum and earn the most without having to work.


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