What is Pop-Up? Importance of Pop-Up Usage in E-Commerce

There are many different tools that e-commerce sites can use to increase their conversion rates. One of them is the windows that we call pop-ups , which are opened on internet pages . These pop-ups, which seem very simple from the outside, actually have many different types , types and ways of use . In this article, “What is a pop-up?” We will answer the question, talk about the types and explain how they are used.

What is Pop-Up?

While browsing a website, the small windows that appear on the website are called pop-ups . Pop-ups are mostly used by marketers for advertising purposes .

Pop-ups can have a bad effect on the user experience. However , because of their usefulness in increasing conversion rates and attracting more customers , many businesses prefer to take the downside.

It is still possible to increase your conversion rates without harming the user experience , especially with well-designed, easy-to-close pop-ups that do not cover the whole page .

Pop-ups with discounts and similar special offers can even positively affect the user experience.

What are the Pop-Up Types?

There are many different types of pop-ups , depending on their purpose and use . We can list the first ones as follows:
  • Login Pop-Ups
  • Timed Pop-Up
  • Exit Intent Pop-Ups
  • Scroll Pop-Up
  • Persistent Pop-Up

Login Pop-Ups

Login pop-ups are pop-up ads that appear as soon as you enter a website. As soon as you enter a new website, this pop-up appears within seconds. In terms of content, it may be an advertisement or a promotion, or it may be a form that asks you to become a member.

Timed Pop-Up

Timed pop-ups are pop-ups that appear after a certain period of time after entering any website or page. After the visitor spends a certain amount of time on the website, this pop-up with a timed setting appears.

Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Exit intent pop-ups are pop-ups that appear when users show an intention to leave any website. When the user shows an action to close the web page or tab , he encounters this pop-up. In terms of content, there may be a discount for the customer to complete his shopping, or there may be information given to stay longer on the page.

Scroll Pop-Up

Scroll pop-ups are the name given to the windows that appear when the user lands at a certain point on the web page. Usually, these pop-ups appear after the user has passed or seen a certain point, in order to increase the persuasion effect.

Persistent Pop-Up

Persistent pop-ups are the pop-ups that appear after the user enters the website and complete any action and cannot be closed. These pop-ups usually do not appear in the center of the page and have minimal impact on the user experience.

Why is Pop-Up Used in E-Commerce?

Pop-ups are one of the tools that can be used to increase conversion rates on e-commerce sites.

Many e-commerce sites use pop-ups to direct their customers, promote products, increase sales , and make personalized recommendations to their customers.

Pop-ups can keep a customer about to leave the e-commerce site with a last-minute offer , can be used to entice customers to an e-mail newsletter, and can increase your marketing power within your own website.

Of course, using popups is not a necessity. However, many e-commerce sites prefer to use it because of its positive effects.

What Should Be Considered When Using Pop-Ups?

When using pop-ups, we recommend that you follow the recommendations below in order not to harm the user experience and to get the best results you want :

Use Only When Necessary

Although pop-ups are very useful tools, using them unnecessarily can have a negative impact on the user experience .

If you use popups for all offers, forms or news on every page, many of your visitors will be annoyed by this and will leave your e-commerce site.

For this reason , avoid using unnecessary pop-ups . If a pop-up does not increase your conversion rate on your website or does not have the desired effect, do not continue using it.

Enrich the User Experience

It is a well-known fact that pop-ups can harm the user experience. However, with the right use of pop-ups, you can reduce the damage you do to the user experience and even create a richer experience.

For this, we recommend that you pay attention to issues such as putting effort into the designs of your pop-ups, using interactive advertising models, and presenting content that will attract their users.

Set the Timing Well

It is an issue that you should think about when and how the pop-up you will use will appear in front of your visitors.

Pop-ups appearing untimely can ruin the user experience. For example, when the visitor is in the middle of reading a text, filling out another form, or having a deep interaction with the page, a pop-up can distract his or her attention .

What are the Advantages of Using Pop-Ups?

The use of pop-ups can provide many different advantages to your e-commerce site . Some of these advantages are as follows:
  • It helps increase your conversion rates .
  • It allows you to direct your customers the way you want .
  • It allows you to highlight the content you want .
  • It can be used to inform your visitors about new discounts and products .
  • Helps you build lists for email marketing
  • It can be used to practice cross-sell and upsell techniques.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Pop-Ups?

Pop-up usage has advantages for e-commerce sites as well as potential disadvantages . Prominent among them are as follows:
  • It can negatively affect the user experience .
  • It can negatively affect the interaction of visitors with the page .
  • It can have an adverse effect on some people .
  • If not implemented correctly, it can cause problems with your website .

Frequently Asked Questions About Pop-Up

Can Pop-Ups Be Blocked?

Yes, the majority of pop-ups on websites can be blocked by different ad block programs. In addition, some websites offer their users the option not to be exposed to pop-ups.

What is Pop-Under?

Pop-under ads are extra windows that open while on any website, such as pop-up ads. However, pop-up ads will open above the window you are currently on, while pop-under ads will open behind the window you are using. In other words, you cannot see the pop-under screen until you close or change the current window .

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