What is Pinterest? What Does It Do?

In this article, we will talk about Pinterest , a social network that is very popular in the world, especially in America and Europe, In our article, where we have written many features of Pinterest , first of all, “What is Pinterest? and What Uses?” We will answer questions such as:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest; It is one of the largest social networks where all kinds of visual content such as photos, videos and infographics are shared. Also, many users who run or are considering creating projects online use Pinterest as an “inspiration”.

Its most familiar feature compared to other social networks is that it allows you to organize, file and share your  “ pins ” (posts) based on your interests or hobbies .

Pinterest , which has been very popular since it started to be used with its unique style, has become very popular especially in recent years. One of the most obvious reasons for this is that users can store their photos on a digital board thanks to this application.

What Does Pinterest Do?

“What is Pinterest?” As we mentioned in the title, Pinterest allows you to collect all your visual materials on a digital board like a collection. In addition, it has many different functions. These functions can be listed as follows:

Increases Your Visibility

If you have your own e-commerce business, on your Pinterest page; You can create albums about your products, how your products are used and shipping processes. Thus, you can increase the popularity of your e-commerce business.

Contributes to Your SEO

Pinterest is one of the best social networks you can use to increase your website 's SEO positioning. If you have optimized images and redirects to your page, you can get more traffic to your website than it actually is.

Acts as Idea Board

As we mentioned in the previous definition, Pinterest is a very useful platform for making a regular wish list.

Because; clothes, furniture, etc. Users who are considering purchasing accessories enjoy collecting and sharing the objects they desire in order to use them whenever they want.

It allows you to follow the developments in your fields of interest

Thanks to Pinterest , not people or brands, but your interests and industry; You can follow styles, trends, infographics and themes.

In other words, there are no “influencers” or “regular” users here, which is highly appreciated.

What to Share on Pinterest

“What is Pinterest?” Another issue that is as curious as the question is what you can share on Pinterest . You can find examples of Pinterest sharing from the list below:

DIY Pins

Pins that show users how to do something are very popular on the site. You can increase the interactions on your page by thinking about what your target audience and customers are asking you and what they want to learn more about.

Photo Shoots

If you are interested in taking photos as an amateur or professional, Pinterest is one of the best platforms to share your creations. In this way, you will allow many users to follow your shots with interest.

Findings and News

You can post news from other companies or brands in your industry that might be interesting to your target audience on your Pinterest account. You can also use this digital service to publish other developments that make you happy.

In addition to all these, if you have a business that maintains its presence in the digital environment, you can increase your visibility through this platform.

Products You Sell

Pinterest is an extremely important social media platform for e-commerce businesses . Through this platform, you can promote the products you are currently selling and increase the awareness of your business.

How to Use Pinterest

“What is Pinterest? and What Uses?” We can answer together how it is used after the titles. But there are 2 important concepts you need to learn here. These concepts can be expressed as pin and board.

  • Pin: A visual bookmark on Pinterest to keep interesting content on your profile.
  • Clipboard: It is the area where you can bring together the pins you have saved according to their themes or categories.

Now let's take a look at how Pinterest is used.

Open Your Pinterest Account

To start using Pinterest , you must first create an account. To do this, you can go to pinterest.com , fill in the necessary information and create your account by clicking the Sign Up button. You can also register on Pinterest with your email address or an existing Facebook account.

You can then go to the Profile section to add more information about your profile and upload a profile picture.

Create Pin

Pinterest creates a starter homepage based on your interests. The images you see are called Pins . You can create your pins by pressing the “ Create ” button at the top of the homepage .

Create a Board

To create a board, simply click on your profile picture or icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you can click on the ' plus ' icon in the Pinterest board creation option that appears.

You should know that if you don't click "Keep this board private" , your Pinterest board can be viewed by anyone.

Follow More Pins and Boards

After selecting the categories related to your interests, you will be directed to your homepage where sample pins are displayed. Here you can save and follow all the pins and boards you like by hovering over the photo .

Benefits of Using Pinterest

Using Pinterest has many benefits for both businesses and personal users. The items we have listed below are examples of the benefits of using Pinterest ;

  • You can promote the products you sell to many users.
  • You can make your blogs stand out.
  • You can share personal or company videos.
  • You can do market and market research.
  • You can create a space for collaborations and your own portfolio.
  • You can provide redirects to your website.
  • You can allow many users to save your products on Pinterest .

How to Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest doesn't just allow you to save interesting images and videos. It is also a platform you can choose when creating marketing strategies for your business. The items listed below can be given as examples of marketing stages:

Find Interesting Pin Ideas

Just like your other social media accounts , you can create content on Pinterest , namely pins . You can transfer to these pins in which areas the products you sell are used, whether informative or entertaining.

Create a Board About Your Business

You can create boards about the products you sell in your business . You can think of these boards as a product category and use them to provide information to your users.

Add Other People's Pins to Boards

When you add other users' pins to your boards, the relevant user will be notified. You can increase your visibility by adding user pins that you operate in the same industry, that you think need your products or have common interests, to your boards.

Add Links to Your Pins and Boards

Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your business website. The app helps your business generate leads and conversions. For this reason , you can conduct marketing efforts by sharing URLs on your profile, pins and boards.

Use compelling headlines and descriptions

Use keywords in your descriptions and remember that people can tweet your pins . Keep your descriptions short, interesting, and relevant, as any text you type in the Pin description will appear as tweets .

What are Pinterest Ads?

As with many social media platforms, it is possible to advertise on Pinterest . Pinterest ads ; It is preferred by many individuals or institutions to reach more users, increase brand awareness and direct users' purchasing habits.

Ads is a feature available in certain countries. These countries can be listed as follows:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • japanese job
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Mexican
  • Holland
  • New Zeland
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

How to Create Pinterest Ads

  1. Create a business account with Pinterest.
  2. Sign in to your business account.
  3. Go to the "Ads" tab at the top of the screen that will appear, and then click the "Create Ad" button.
  4. Then, click on the “Choose a Campaign Target” button to set your ad target.
  5. Enter all the detailed information about your campaign.
  6. Determine your advertising budget.
  7. Then click the “Continue” button to create your campaign.

How to Do Pinterest Post Analysis?

You can review the performance of your Pins, boards and ads in real time via  Pinterest .

To perform this analysis:

  1. Sign in to your Pinterest business account.
  2. Click on “ Insights  at the top of your screen and select “ Overview ”.

In line with the steps you have applied; You can review your pin formats, filter the results, see your top pins or boards, and finally export your data.

Pinterest Frequently Asked Questions

“What is Pinterest?” Let's take a look at the different topics that are as curious as the question.

Is Pinterest Trustworthy?

The Pinterest application is a platform that is safely preferred by many businesses and individual users.

Who Uses Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform that provides a wide interaction network not only for businesses but also for individual users to show their creative areas. Everyone can use this platform easily, as there is a lot of content from recipes to haircuts and even news.

Is Pinterest Membership Free?

You don't have to pay any subscription fees when using Pinterest . It is a completely free application.

Is Pinterest Social Media?

Pinterest is a social media platform that is shaped according to the interests of its users and where images are shared .

Which Country Does Pinterest Own?

Pinterest was founded in 2010 in the USA by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann . But it is frequently used by Europe and many different countries.

Is There an Age Limit to Use Pinterest?

Users must be at least 13 years old to use Pinterest .

Is it possible to shop on Pinterest?

Some product pins direct users directly to the relevant business website, while others allow you to purchase products directly without leaving Pinterest .

Is There a Pinterest Mobile App?

Pinterest has a mobile app for use on Android and IOS devices . Users can download and start using Pinterest through app stores .


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