Selling on eBay (2022 Current Guide)

eBay is one of the first preferred platforms of individuals or institutions that want to do e-commerce abroad. We have written about selling on eBay , one of the most reliable e-commerce platforms, from this article for you.

So “What is eBay? How to Open a Seller Account?” Let's examine the answers to such questions together.

What is eBay?

eBay entered our lives as an auction site specializing in bidding and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) selling. Today, it is among the most popular e-commerce sales channels . eBay operates in many countries around the world. It brings together millions of sellers and buyers in its infrastructure. It also allows you to find products sold in your area by entering the zip code. 

You don't have to pay anything to become a customer on eBay . There are minor costs, such as listing fees, if you only intend to sell. These costs differ depending on how much you sell your products for and how long you put them on sale.

The most crowded eBay marketplaces for users looking to sell on eBay; It is located in the USA, UK, Germany and Australia . The markets of these countries also have the highest rate of sales.

How eBay Works

Although eBay started as an online auction site where the highest bidder buys the item , it has now become much more than that. It is a popular marketplace where sellers can list products at a fixed price and even open their own “shop” .

In essence; It is based on the principle that the seller lists the products, adds photos and descriptions, and selects price and shipping options. Buyers can then bid or purchase. When the transaction is completed, the buyer and seller give feedback to each other about the sales process and/or the product being sold. For this reason , eBay has many rules to protect both buyers and sellers.

How to Open a Seller Account on eBay

“What is eBay?” Now that we have answered the question in detail , let's take a look at how to open an eBay seller account :

1. Create a Seller Account on eBay

The first step you need to take is to create a seller account. In your account; You must confirm your name, address and phone number. You'll also need to set up an automatic payment method for the fees and refunds you'll earn.

2. Create a List for Your Products

The next step is to create a listing on the website so eBay users can find your items and buy from you. At this stage, you should clearly explain what your product is and what it does. It is extremely important that you use simple and understandable language. Consistent pricing is also a big factor in people choosing your business.

There are probably many items similar to the ones in your store on eBay . So, to make your first few listings effective, be sure to check for similar product listings and format your listings accordingly.

3. Manage Your List and Sell

The next step after creating your listing is to wait. You can see if anyone is bidding on your item by checking the  Selling ” tab of eBay . You can also answer any questions users have about your product. Quality customer service always allows you to build a good reputation. Therefore, do not forget to always treat potential buyers well and make them your loyal customers.

Why Should You Open a Seller Store on eBay?

Whether you're a seasoned eBay seller or just starting out, opening an eBay store is a great way to reach millions of customers. For entrepreneurs considering starting their own business and interested in e-commerce, selling on eBay is a great way to break into this industry.

Other than that, here are 6 great reasons to open an eBay store :

  • Reaching more potential customers
  • Gaining loyal customers
  • Save time on product listings
  • high reliability
  • Special promotions
  • Free monthly sales reports

What Are the Advantages of Being a Seller on eBay?

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs operate in marketplaces. eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms today. Of course, selling on eBay comes with many advantages. These advantages can be listed as follows:

1. User Trust

As of 2019, eBay has a 79% customer satisfaction rating. Also , customers who shop on eBay have certain rights against fraud and bad service provided by the app. With trust in eBay , customers feel much more secure when shopping from your business.

2. Auction Option

eBay first became famous for its auctions and has remained the best auction marketplace on the internet ever since. This gives you much more flexibility as a seller. For example, you can put items up for auction to get a higher price. In addition, the option to set a reserve price ensures that you do not sell your products far below their value.

You can also use eBay's fixed price lists for items not sold at auction .

3. Excellent SEO

eBay has great search engine optimization. When you're looking for antiques or something similar, you'll probably come across eBay . This means users are more likely to come across your business on Google without having to build a website.

4. Low Fees

eBay's commission rates are often expressed lower. In this way, you can earn more profit without paying high commission rates.

5. Logistics Opportunities

One of the best benefits of selling on eBay is the logistics opportunities. Lower shipping costs will make your listings more attractive to buyers. Also, this gives them a raramaebet advantage in marketplaces that don't offer discounts.

6. A Giant Sunday

eBay has millions of active customers. This opportunity is an incredible level of exposure for your product listings and means your sales potential is virtually limitless.

What Are eBay Commission Rates?

To sell on eBay ; There are 4 different package options: Starter, Basic, Premium and Anchor . The eBay Starter package is priced at $7.95 per month and $ 4.95 per year 

In the Basic store package; It is stated as $27.95 per month and $21.95 per year 

eBay commission fees in Premium package; $74.95 per month , $59.95 per year 

In the last package, Anchor , the prices are; $349.95 per month , $299.95 per year .

7 Tips to Increase Your Sales on Your eBay Store

“What is eBay? How to Create a Seller Account?” Now that we've answered questions like: 7 great tips to increase your sales!

Invest in SEO

As eBay 's popularity is increasing, so is its competition. Thus, SEO becomes more critical. When you optimize with the SEO tactics you will apply on eBay , you will also have a positive sales cycle.

Pay Attention to the Quality of the Product Image

Product photos; It is one of the most important tips that will increase your sales, as they help potential buyers to examine the product in detail and make a decision during the bidding or buying stages. You can add multiple, detailed photos to help increase your chances of selling.

Advertise your eBay Store

Advertising for your eBay store can make your business stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. When users are looking for a product you sell, they come across you before competing businesses, increasing your sales probability. In addition, advertising can be an effective step for your brand awareness as well as increased revenue.

Analyze Industry and Be Innovative

It is very important to closely follow what your competitors are doing in the sector in which you operate. Following the steps, trends and sectoral developments they have taken will always keep your store up-to-date. In addition to all these, the analyzes you have made show in which areas there are gaps in the sector. Filling these gaps creates an excellent opportunity for you to stay ahead of the competition .

Harness the Power of Social Media

One of the most powerful marketing tools today is undoubtedly social media . Keeping your social media accounts professional, lively and dynamic can drive many users into purchasing activity. Your product photos, effective reels videos , and always interacting with users allow you to more easily direct your users to your store. This will increase both your brand awareness and your sales.

Offer Diversity for Payment Method

Preferred payment methods differ by country.on the other hand, the fact that sellers accept payments with bank accounts and credit cards takes them one step further. The variety of payment methods provided by different banks brings businesses to a more preferable point.

Consider Customer Support

Your customers want to be able to reach you with every question. Providing support to your customers, whether pre-sales or post-sales, is critical to building a loyal customer profile. Customers who see that they have received support and are facing a solution-oriented business will always be inclined to recommend your business around and shop again.

How to Post a Product to the eBay Store?

To sell on eBay, you must identify your product to your store. To enter your eBay store correctly and completely, you can follow the steps below:

Write a Product Title

Click on the “ My eBay ” and then “ Selling ” buttons on eBay's home page to enter your products in your store . You can write the title of the product you want to add in this section.

Add Product Photos

After entering the product title, you will see the screen where you will add the photos of your product. Although eBay offers stock photos of your product, it is more preferable for customer confidence to include the actual product image. At this stage, the angles and quality of the photos are extremely important. Product photos taken with bad angles and sloppy reduce the rate of your product to be sold.

Type Product Description

You can enter your product description in the relevant text field that will appear later. A clear and unambiguous explanation should answer many of the questions you have to answer later.

Set Product Price

When you get to the product pricing stage, eBay will show you the prices of similar items so you can get an idea. You can determine an average price policy based on the prices it shows. The information you should not skip here is that there are two different methods of selling on eBay . In the auction method, you can choose to follow a path from low to high in prices. You can change the prices as long as there is no offer for your product. But for direct purchases, you need to include a clear price on your products .

Enter Delivery Information

In the delivery information section, you must specify your cargo processes and the regions you sell to. To send products to other countries, you can click the "add shipping service" button and select "additional international service" from the drop-down list .

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling on eBay

Although we have touched on many points about selling on eBay , there are many details that users are curious about. You can reach some of these details through the questions we have answered below.

What Are the Top Selling Items on eBay?

There are many items you can buy and sell on eBay. The most popular product categories can be listed as follows: 

  • antiques
  • Books and magazines
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Electronic devices
  • Event tickets
  • home decoration products
  • Musical instruments and albums
  • Sporting goods and fitness equipment
  • Toys
  • Video games and consoles
  • watches and jewelry

But; alcohol, tobacco, weapons, and dangerous goods cannot be bought or sold on eBay .

Is Dropshipping Possible on eBay?

Dropshipping is allowed on eBay " as long as you buy from wholesale suppliers" . However, you are not allowed to list items on eBay if you purchase your items from another seller or marketplace by shipping directly to your customer . In addition , using the dropshipping method does not mean that you are not responsible for the safe delivery of your products within the specified time and for customer satisfaction. That's why it's extremely important that you work with a reliable supplier.

Is Opening an eBay Seller Account Free?

There are no fees to open a store on eBay . But “What is eBay?” As we mentioned in the title, you need to choose one of the different store models to list your products, the fee payment takes place at this stage.

Is There an eBay Customs Duty?

Customs duty is charged on items you buy from eBay . This may vary depending on the product you purchased and the price of the product. For detailed information, you can visit eBay's web page or get information from the support line.

How eBay Pays Sellers

eBay aims to optimize all payments made with the "managed payment" application with a single system . Thus, it offers sellers the opportunity to transfer their receivables directly to their bank accounts.


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